The Axis Mundi is the fourth and final stage of the Babel Trials. This stage will push players to their full limit, and if the player(s) successfully manage to scale the tower, they're rewarded with godhood and will become the new consort to Ishtar, the goddess of fertility.


The final stage of Babel, The Axis Mundi; the very core of the universe! This is the ultimate final test, filled with the holy light of the origins of existence!

Your climb takes you on an invasion into the territory of the gods, where the goddess of fertility awaits. Go forth, and use your expertise and intuition to forge a path to a place only the chosen can reach!


The "Unbeatable" Glitch

The current version of Axis Mundi (Solo) is rumored to be bugged and virtually impossible to beat in the North American version. However, It is possible to complete in Pairs mode (although it may be more difficult, considering that there are now two players climbing the tower instead of just one).

This however does not apply to the PC version of Catherine where the glitch has been fixed, Axis Mundi now being able to be completed solo.

There is also another rumor, which is confirmed to be FALSE, that if you do not have all golds in Story Mode's hard difficulty then Axis Mundi (solo) will be easier. Axis Mundi (solo) will not be easier if you do this.

The Trivia for Tonight.....

  • Counting the other stages of Babel, alongside the nine stages of the Golden Playhouse mode, The Axis Mundi is the thirteenth stage in the game overall.
  • The Axis Mundi can be considered as Babel's version of The Empireo from the Golden Playhouse.
  • The Axis Mundi is easily the hardest stage of Babel, which is an already difficult challenge to begin with. This makes the stage easily one of the hardest stages in the entire game.
  • The Axis Mundi has the longest length of all the stages in Babel. Similarly to how The Empireo has the longest length of all the stages in the Golden Playhouse.


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