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Trisha presents Babel

Trisha presents Babel.

Babel is a 1 or 2-player game mode in Catherine.


Babel features four main stages to climb. Unlike the main stages in Golden Playhouse, Babel imposes the following additional rules:

  • The player only has one life to complete the stage.
  • The arrangement of the block patterns changes each time the stage is challenged.
  • The player(s) is not allowed to undo their moves, just like in Hard mode of Golden Playhouse in the original Catherine and Catherine Classic.

It is recommended to try the Golden Playhouse Hard Mode before attempting Babel, in order to gain more experience with complex block patterns (as well as being used to playing the puzzles without any undos in the case of the original Catherine and Catherine Classic). Pair Mode is much easier than Single Mode due to each stage in the former mode having less steps has and less difficult layouts.[1] However, the game mode ends if either character dies or falls off of the stage. See the Babel Tips article for lots of tips and information on general Babel strategies. In both Single and Pair modes, Player 1 controls Vincent Brooks while in Pair Mode, Player 2 controls Katherine McBride.

In the original Catherine and Catherine Classic, Babel stages are unlocked progressively as the player earns gain gold prizes in the Golden Playhouse. Upon selecting and completing the final level Axis Mundi, two special videos from Trisha are played, which reveal an enormous amount of information about the game's story.

In Catherine: Full Body, Babel is available at the beginning of the game although only the Altar is playable; the other three stages can be unlocked as the player progresses Golden Playhouse. If the character DLC is purchased, the player(s) may use any character (though in Pair mode, both players cannot use the same character). The player(s) also receive 3 Energy Drinks in each attempt which lets them climb two blocks at once.


Stage Name Gold Prizes
Required to Unlock
Approximate # of Steps
(Single Mode)
Approximate # of Steps
(Pair Mode)
1 Altar 1 150 100 10 Points (Bronze)
2 Menhir 3 190 120 15 Points (Bronze)
3 Obelisk 5 210 140 20 Points (Bronze)
4 Axis Mundi 9 280 170 100 Points (Gold)


  • In Catherine: Full Body, there is a glitch where if the player falls down to nearly the lowest possible section at the start of any Babel stage (except Axis Mundi) and collapses the entire stage, the player will somehow be able to "climb" the tower of blocks in the background.
  • Babel is based on the story of the Tower of Babel from Genesis in Christianity. The Tower of Babel was made as an act of hubris against God to defy his will and reach heaven.


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