Description Hit 15 blocks with a single explosion. (Golden Playhouse)
Gamerscore 20 points
Trophy Bronze

This achievement is only available while playing Golden Playhouse mode. It unlocks by involving 15 blocks at once in an explosion from a Bomb Block.

This can be done on level 6-2 on Normal difficulty. Soon after the first checkpoint is reached, you'll run into a tower (about 4-5) of spring blocks. Move one over to be able to spring onto the top of the main wall you need to climb. On top of the wall there will be a bomb block. Light it, and then wait for it to explode. Under one of the newly made crumble blocks, you'll notice a superchared bomb block (one with higher explosion radius). destroy the crumble block and fall onto this bomb block. Let it explode and "Boom" more than 15 blocks should explode.

Catherine - Bomberlamb Trophy Achievement

Catherine - Bomberlamb Trophy Achievement

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