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For the character known as "Boss", see Thomas Mutton.
"(The) _____ has appeared. It's the killer, do not die."

Bosses are gigantic malevolent entities that the player as Vincent will face on the final floor of every nightmare stage in Catherine and Catherine: Full Body except for the first stage, Underground Cemetery. They are major obstacles in sheep overcoming the The Great Trials.

Unlike conventional bosses of most video games, the bosses of Catherine cannot be defeated in gameplay, the player must instead climb up the level quickly while avoiding the bosses' attacks that can kill them or hinder their progress.

In gameplay, the bosses the player will encounter all take the forms of Vincent's (often subconscious) fears, anxieties, and doubts from the events of the story.

List of bosses[]

The Trivia For Tonight.....[]

Cryptic Voice

Vincent washes his face in the Stray Sheep bathroom.

  • During most of his time during the day, Vincent can wash his face in the bathroom of the Stray Sheep. When doing this for the first time, the walls begin to bleed and a quick flash of the next boss that will appear later that night during the nightmare will be displayed on the bathroom's mirror. The Cryptic Voice then announces the next stage.
    • Before going to face Thomas Mutton in The Empireo, if Vincent chooses to wash his face in the bathroom sink, he will not see a preview of the final boss. It's possible that this is because Vincent already knew that he would be facing Mutton in the nightmare, or it could also be because the developers wanted to keep the second boss fight with Dumuzid a secret.
  • While Underground Cemetery does not have a boss, the Fist of Grudge makes a brief appearance just as Vincent clears the stage.
  • When using Japanese voices all of the bosses (except for Thomas Mutton) have their recorded voice lines filtered to make them sound more "demonic".

Boss form of Sophie Mallow.

  • Vincent is not the only one who has his own bosses. Every surviving sheep who makes it to the end of the nightmare trial has his own boss. For example,
    • Archie Wallace's boss is his sexually abusive mother, who seeks to drag him back into the hell he escaped from.
    • Todd Bozeman's boss is his physically abusive father.
    • Daniel Kirsch's boss is himself in doll form, with holes for the eyes, nose, ears and mouth. It doesn't chase him or do anything, but just stays inert, incapable of making any kind of action of its own. Daniel states he'd rather die than be forced to see himself powerless like that.
    • Morgan Cortez's boss is his ex-wife Sophie. He feels he deserves to be killed by her, and welcomes a death by her hands, even if it isn't truly her.
    • Orlando Haddick's boss is his ex-wife Connie, demanding to know why he left her. He later tells Vincent in the Nightmares that she tried to get back together with him, but his wounded pride again took this as her mocking him instead of a real gesture.
    • In Catherine: The Mysterious Tale of Rapunzel, Freddie McGoohan's boss is his ex-girlfriend Sophie Mallow.
  • Erica Anderson has nightmares, but her boss isn't shown and is anyone's guess. It may have something to due with her being trans, or not being honest about her identity with Toby.


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