Catherine: Full Body
Developer Atlus (Studio Zero)
Publishers Atlus
Release dates February 14, 2019 (Japan)
September 3, 2019 (Western countries & Europe)
Platforms PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita (Japan only)
"The love triangle is now a love square!"
— Tagline

Catherine: Full Body is a remake/enhanced port of the 2011 Catherine video game. It was developed and published by Atlus' Studio Zero Team for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in Japan.

The game will be localized into English and is coming to the West on September 3, 2019. Unfortunately, it seems that the game will probably not be released for the Vita in the West.[1][2] The Western release will have English-Japanese dual audio.[3] It is known that Vincent's, Erica's, Katherine's and Catherine's voice actors will reprise their roles, although it is unclear who else will be reprised. Brianna Knickerbocker voices the new love interest introduced in the remake, Rin.

The reason the developers chose the subtitle Full Body is due to its relation to full-bodied wine. Full Body is Catherine with more content or depth, like a full-bodied wine. It also sounded more erotic as the developers increased the eroticness a bit.

Major changes from original



Rin, Vincent's new neighbor.

  • There is a third love interest named Rin who becomes Vincent's new neighbor as well as the pianist at the Stray Sheep. Rin's involvement in the story causes a split between Catherine and Katherine. Rin does not force herself as Vincent's girlfriend as much as Catherine does and Vincent prevents an intimate relationship from escalating by default. The player needs to go out of their way to begin a relationship with Rin.
  • There are new over 20 new animated cutscenes to further develop the characters of Catherine, Katherine, and Rin. There are 5 new endings:
6th Night Questions

Vincent's self-reflection.

  • On Day 6, if the player answers enough specific confessional questions to break the mysterious meter, Vincent will proceed to ask himself three intimate questions about what he wants to do with his life. Choosing certain options will begin Rin's branch of the story. Not selecting these certain options at day 6 or not breaking the meter enough prior to it will cause Vincent to go back onto the same route as the original game though new endings for Katherine and Catherine are available on this route.
  • There are new patrons to talk to at the Stray Sheep such as Roderick and Abul.
  • Atlus U.S.A. is reworking the localization to remove transphobic elements related to Erica Anderson. A particular example is the credits, which originally refer to Erica as "Eric Anderson" with her current name in parenthesis-an example of deadnaming. This remains in the Japanese version, but is changed in the Western release to reflect Erica's identity.[4][5]


Autoplay mode

Autoplay mode automatically climbs the shortest route.

  • A wide level of difficulty options is also available. Apart from Easy, there is now a Safety mode which is even easier than Easy.
    • No Game Over: Only available on Safety.
    • No Time Limit: Only available on Safety.
    • Skip Puzzle: Players can skip a puzzle segment with a single button for players who hate the block-climbing portion of the game. Only available on Safety.
    • Autoplay: You can leave the difficult segments to the autoplay function which automatically climbs the shortest route. You can disable it at any time while it’s in operation, using it at your leisure. Only available on both Safety and Easy.
  • There are two modes: "Original" and "Arrange".
    • Original Mode enables the option to play the unaltered stages from the first version of game, although they have been adjusted a little.
    • Arrange Mode features new mechanics and gimmicks, such as being able to link together a wide variety of blocks. There is at least one completely brand new stage in Arrange mode, which may be an outer-space themed level seen in a screenshot.[6]

Rin's piano helping Vincent.

  • Rin's piano has the power to halt the collapsing stage, activated automatically when Vincent is in an emergency. A green light appears as the piano's melody is heard.
  • There are more than 500 stages—twice the amount of the original game.
    • This includes new stages for the Rapunzel mini-game which has been renamed "Super Rapunzel". For Rapunzel, players can choose between Standard and Arrange. Like Standard, Arrange also features 128 stages.
  • There are new stages for Babel and Colosseum, and the two game modes can be played immediately and do not need to be unlocked. Both modes now support online play.
  • Some of the effects of the items have been modified.
  • Vincent can view strategies that sheep have told him at save points.
  • The player can now rotate the camera to see behind the stage.[7]

Online changes


Multiplayer sheep fun.

  • Catherine: Full Body has an online battle mode, inspired by the competitive scene overseas. Atlus states that they noticed the competitive Catherine scene, which is what lead them to developing online features for the remaster.
    • There is an online ranking system. Players can choose between ranked matches, which pairs up player of a similar level, or random which involves anyone.
  • In Japan (as the Western release seems cancelled), the game features the ability to cross-save between PS4 and Vita. There is cross-play between PS4 and Vita users.[8]
  • It is mentioned that if the player connects online during single player, they might be able to experience some companionship as you keep climbing the tower into the night, implying possible co op.
  • The number of deaths and the status of players nationwide. Deaths based on the stages in the tower are listed, as well as what type of death (like “falling,” “crushed,” etc.).
  • "Souls", which resemble small white floating orbs on blocks, appear at sections where other players have died. This will hint at potentially dangerous sections.


In Japan, the limited edition includes a slip art box (which has the ability to remove a transparent cover revealing the women in their Nero outfits), four-disc soundtrack CD, art book, Nero glasses, and special downloadable content set.


Heart's Desire Premium Edition.

In North America, the limited edition is called "Heart's Desire Premium Edition". It comes packaged in a box resembling the stages of the game. It is unknown if the game case still has a transparent cover. It comes with an adorable fat sheep plushie instead of glasses which wears Vincent's underwear. It still has the soundtrack CD (unclear if it's one-disc only for the new music), as well as an art book.


  • Catherine's voices: In the Japanese version (unknown in the Western release), you can change Catherine's voice to 1 of 11. In addition to Miyuki Sawashiro: "Cute Little Devil" (Catherine’s main voice actor), 10 additional voice-overs are downloadable content. Many of these voice actors have previously played the role of an adulterous lover in other media. These include:
  • Joker set: This includes include Persona 5 skins for Vincent and his friends, and a playable Joker with the Phantom Thieves giving supporting dialogue.[9] Trisha is also seen interacting with the Phantom Thieves in a cutscene. Upon clearing stages as Joker, the player will see small event scenes with the Phantom Thieves.

Swimsuits for everyone.

  • Nero Glasses: Allows the player to see many characters in their swimsuits.[10] This is included in the Limited Edition and it is unknown if it will be available as DLC later.
  • Additional Playable Characters: Unlocks the following additional playable characters for use in the game’s "Babel" and "Colosseum" modes: Catherine, Katherine, Rin, Orlando, Jonny, Toby, Erica, Boss.


Catherine: Full Body contains new music. Most of the game's music was released on the third disc of the soundtrack set included with the Limited Edition. The 21 soundtrack includes:

  1. Silent Sheep (main menu theme)
  2. YO (Acid Jazz ver)
  3. Also sprach brooks (Smooth Jazz ver)
  4. Tomorrow (Rin's theme)
  5. Have a good day
  6. Sorrow
  7. Recollection
  8. Ufufu
  9. Doors of Possibility
  10. Praise song (?)
  11. Stairway to the air
  12. Wagner Ride of the Valkryies
  13. Beethoven "Piano · Sonata No. 14 Moonlight Op.27-2 Shihacha minor third movement」
  14. What is its identity?
  15. Ode to Joy
  16. Delightful music box
  17. The wolf's we're born to be!
  18. Unbothering
  19. Colosseum
  20. Friend Match
  21. Rapunzel


Before the game's release, Rin's character received some controversy due to the possibility and concern that Rin may be a transphobic joke.[11] When the game was released in Japan, the truth of Rin was rather uncontroversial.

However, there was controversy due to Erica's portrayal in Catherine Alternate Ending as a result of misinformation originating on Twitter and ResetERA claiming that the game is "transphobic" because Erica has not transitioned in the alternate timeline, although it is possible that the marriage in the game is merely set before Erica's transition, which may have been actually recent even in the original timeline. In addition, Erica's lines imply she is still planning to transition. The misinformation also claimed this was the "happy" ending and Catherine rewrote history to make everyone's lives better, although the game never deems it as "happy" and Catherine apparently only went to the past to make her and Vincent's life better, not necessarily anyone else's.

Some misinformation by omission and exaggeration also occurred when people claimed Vincent physically assaults and strikes Rin out of hatred, which twists what happened into making it sound like Vincent punches and beats Rin, when actually, it has a slap on the wrist and it was due to shock and discomfort. The story afterwards is about Vincent feeling remorseful and wanting to make it up to RIn.

Significant plot details end here.

In Japan, Full Body is "Share-blocked" to prevent streaming and prevent spoilers on the Internet, with no news of a patch to remove it in the future.[12] On Day 6, a few minutes after Vincent discovers a revelation about Rin, the game stops streaming. This is reminiscent of Persona 5 which is still Share blocked for the entire game, despite that it has been out since the middle of 2017. This has turned people away from Full Body who will not buy it until confirmation of a patch to remove it eventually will be released, similar to how Kingdom Hearts games on PS4 (specifically, the movies and 0.2) received a patch to enable Share functions later. Atlus' anti-streaming policy has been criticized because gamers will use capture cards and PS4's Remote Play, and spoilers will wind up online anyway. It is unknown if the Western release will still be Share-blocked.

The Trivia for Tonight.....


The logo.

  • The logo is meant to be reminiscent of a woman's rear.
  • The Japanese release of the game is on Valentine's Day.
  • Fans have made a petition aimed at Atlus for a way to save Steve Delhomme, or, at the very least, add more Steve fanservice.[13]
    • Fans sort of got what they wanted with the Catherine Alternate Ending. Although Steve is not mentioned, he is presumably alive in this ending, as Paul is too.

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