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Catherine Alternate Ending (unofficial name) is an ending exclusive to Catherine: Full Body.

Unlock method[]

To unlock this ending the player must have Vincent do the following:

  1. On the 5th night, reply to Catherine's 2nd email by choosing to send a recording of Rin's piano playing.
  2. If the player has fufilled the conditions to branch into Rin's route, they must choose not to do so.
  3. On the 6th night, reply immediately to Catherine’s email: “I knew she looked familiar.”
  4. On the 6th night, reply immediately to Catherine’s email: “I watched it”.
  5. Adjust the mysterious meter to be Heavily Order or in the middle prior to reaching The Empireo.
  6. In The Empireo, answer the questions in the Confessionals with one of the following rows of responses:
Stage 9-2 Answer Stage 9-3 Answer Stage 9-4 Answer(s)
Yes Yes Chaotic excitement
No Yes No
No No That would be too lonely, then Chaotic excitement


Vincent and Catherine meet at the Stray Sheep. Catherine wonders why Vincent asked to see her after learning the truth about her being a demon who lures and deceives men. Vincent replies saying he has thought about everything and that the past week has been a roller-coaster of emotions. Catherine apologises and expresses guilt for playing a role in the nightmares Vincent suffered. She admits that while she initially just took part in the nightmare plan on a whim as part of her job, she did not expect to genuinely fall for Vincent. Vincent agrees then says that he wishes that he could have met Catherine under different circumstances but he can't change the past. Catherine then tells Vincent to not worry, "with me [Catherine] around, he [Vincent] can" then she kisses him as a portal opens, transporting them both away from the Stray Sheep.

Vincent wakes up years ago, back in his high school classroom, with his friends (Jonny, Orlando, Erica and Paul who are all at high school age as well) telling him to wake up. Vincent is initially confused thinking Paul is meant to be dead, keeping his memories from the original timeline. Paul explains a new student is transferring shortly before Catherine arrives, now visible to everyone, asking Vincent if it's okay if she sits next to him. Later, Vincent's friends talk about his relationship with Catherine, with how this can help Vincent who is having problems with his family at home.

Several years later, Catherine and Vincent get married at the Stray Sheep in the company of Vincent's friends: Katherine and Paul who are now dating, Toby, Erica (who has not yet transitioned), Orlando and Jonny. Catherine asks Vincent if he's now happy. Vincent explains that he is now happier than ever, when they first met his whole world was flipped upside-down and that Vincent is the man he is now because of her. Vincent tells Catherine that now everyone can see they're meant to be together and he'll prove it with the rest of his life. Catherine and Vincent say they love each other and kiss before Catherine vows that she'll always be there for Vincent and will do whatever it takes to keep him happy forever. Catherine and Vincent's lives together are shown in the post-credits where they have kids.


  • The wedding outcome of the alternate ending is similar to the ending of Catherine: The Novel, where all of Vincent's friends attended their wedding soon after he defeated Thomas Mutton and had him help make Catherine appear the same as he sees her to everyone.
  • In the wedding scene, the chalkboard message "Welcome to our wedding party: Vincent and Catherine." was also used during the Katherine True Ending in the original Catherine and Catherine Classic which was most likely an error as the chalkboard message has been modified to read Katherine instead of Catherine in the said ending in Catherine: Full Body.


Catherine Bad  · Good  · True  · Alternate (Full Body only)
Freedom Good  · True
Katherine Bad  · Good  · True  · Alternate (Full Body only)
Rin (Full Body only) Bad  · Good  · True