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Catherine Bad Ending is one of the Ending of Catherine.


Vincent forces Thomas Mutton to summon Catherine into the Stray Sheep, after coming to terms with his choices in life and deciding she is what makes him feel most alive. Boss warns that Catherine is not of this realm, and that it isn't a good idea, but Vincent insists.

Catherine arrives, somewhat puzzled that Vincent wants to see her again. He explains his feelings and begs her to marry him, stating he will be willing to give up his humanity and everything in order to live with her. She is shocked and disturbed at his advances, explaining that it can never work out because she feels that he is not daring enough to be with someone of her nature, along with their biological differences.

Before leaving, she tells him if they meet again, she'll consider his proposal. Catherine disappears, and the bar is filled with people instantly, among them Orlando, Jonny, Toby, and Erica who stand in front of him. Vincent desperately asks if they just saw Catherine, which they deny. In a crazed state of obsession, Vincent reasons that she is just outside. He tries to chase her, only to be hit by a car. He stumbles back in the bar, asking someone to call 911.

Unlike most other endings, there are no pictures shown after credits. Instead, Katherine is heard tapping her finger onto the table (as how she shows her irritation whenever Vincent does not pay attention) and snaps him out of it by saying, "Hey, where'd you go?". This is reminiscent of the game's prologue scene at the Chrono Rabbit.

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