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The secret achievement/trophy unlock for defeating the "Child with a Chainsaw".


The Child with a Chainsaw is the fifth boss of Catherine. It is faced on the sixth stage, the Clock Tower.


It takes the form of the Child with disturbing mechanical modifications: a chainsaw for an arm, a pincer for the other arm, and a gatling gun in its mouth. As the level ends, its face breaks open to reveal something more machine than human, with two chainsaws in one eye socket, and a mouth with teeth in the other socket where the tube had been connected. Metal plates are visible all across its body.


Vincent walks through the door into the final stage of the Clock Tower, wanting to get his climb over with. Vincent is then alarmed when he sees the new boss dropped into the tower in front of him, deploying its bloody chainsaw. The final nightmare of the night begins. When Vincent reaches the goal, the Child with a Chainsaw reveals its true face terrifying Vincent as it demands him to "play with [it]" but fortunately, it was obliterated by the light through the open door.


See Clock Tower 6-4

Boss guide[]

The Child with a Chainsaw has multiple attacks that come in phases. The constant one is its short range attack, where it will attempt to stab Vincent with its chainsaw when he is close to the Child with a Chainsaw by standing on the glowing red blocks. If he does not step away from those blocks in time, the attack will kill him instantly. Otherwise, the attack will simply stun Vincent briefly by knocking him down to the ground.

About a third of the way up the tower, Child with a Chainsaw will cut off the two right most columns of the tower, causing it to fall into the abyss below.

Child with a Chainsaw's main ranged attack is firing its gatling gun: this causes a rain of blocks to fall from the sky, instantly killing Vincent if he stands below one. The blocks on the tower that are targeted glow red before they are hit; the player should move away quickly hang off of it until the avalanche stops. While hanging, Vincent can still be hit by a falling block if it's aimed between him and the camera. The attack also deposits some buzzsaws on the level at the same time, which travel vertically or horizontally along the tower and will kill Vincent instantly if he touches one. Undoing when the buzzsaws appear will cause them to vanish. In Catherine: Full Body, this attack is not used in Safety and Easy modes.

When Vincent is almost at the top of the tower, the Child with a Chainsaw will once again cut off the two rightmost columns of the tower (one in Safety and Easy modes).



Concept art.

This is the second time The Child returns to Vincent's fears, though for a completely different reason. The symbolism of the baby on the outside mixed with the grotesque inhuman construction lurking underneath shows Vincent's fear that the child Katherine is carrying belongs to another man, Steve Delhomme. The weaponry hidden inside the baby signifies that even though it may appear to be his on the outside, he will always have doubts about what's underneath: his child, or the blade of betrayal. The metal tube connecting the chainsaw to the Child's eye, later revealed to be a mouth in the eye socket, also is symbolic of the umbilical cord connected to a very dangerous thing: in this case, a cheating Katherine.



  • "Ggggg..Daddy...Dad...dy..."


  • (angry babbling)
  • "Daaaah! Daaaah!"
  • "Dah! Dah! Dah!"
  • (hysterical laughing)
  • "Daaadddy!"
  • "Kk..kkk..kkkkkkeh."
  • "Wah! Wah! Wah!"


  • "Gggggggggg...Gagagagagagaghhhhhh!! Pllaaaaaay wiiiith meeeee!!! Uwaah!"


  • Its body and head aren't connected in a normal way, and it can rotate each freely in a manner similar to the Exorcist. It does this at the end of level, when Vincent reaches the exit.
  • In the Japanese version his voice sounds like a robot-demon.



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