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Close Encounter is the tenth stage in Catherine: Full Body. It is an optional stage that is only available if the player does Rin's route, with the Good ending or the True ending.


"You’ve arrived, human. This is our hallowed ground: the New World. Tremble in despair as you meet your end."
— Archangel, Upon entry into Close Encounter


With the alien and otherworldly nature of Close Encounter, it explores above the Heavens, the transcendent plane of space. Unlike the previous stages, each individual level is referred to as an "Echelon". The first Echelon depicts stormy surroundings of old ruins with some scales hanging by the sides either empty or filled with Sheep. Along the way, a portrait could be seen with Vincent and Sheep falling off from the Leaning Tower of Pisa. In the first Landing, a portrait of Vincent and Rin could be seen with a large crack on Vincent's side, likely representing Archangel's disapproval towards Vincent being in love with Rin.

The second Echelon represents a very cloudy area with no defining features other than Archangel's body being visible, likely representing the Ozone Layer. As Vincent scales the level, the surroundings begin to appear more orange while meteorites begin to obstruct Vincent's climbing.

The third and fourth Echelons now represents space, showing the Earth and a satelite with various asteroids floating about. The Moon can also be seen from a distance away. Though in the fourth Echelon, as Vincent reaches the door at the midway point of the displayed block tower, the Big Brother sweeps and destroys the door, forcing him to continue climbimg the tower through the apocalyptic setting of imminent doom.


In the first and second Echelons the player will have to contend with lightning striking down on the stage simlar to The Cathedral. There are also occasions where the player will need to hold onto a block to avoid getting killed by the whirlwind that sweeps the lower section of the stage.

The third Echelon introduces the dangerous Laser Blocks that fire out a laser periodically in front of them.


  • Stairway to the air (new landing music)
  • Wagner – Valkyrie’s Violation
  • Beethoven – Sonata for Piano No.14 "Moonlight" in c# minor, Op.27-2"

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