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Trisha presents Colosseum

Trisha presents Colosseum.

Colosseum is a two-player gameplay mode in Catherine and its enhanced rereleases Catherine Classic and Catherine: Full Body. This mode has let the game being played in competitive esports tournaments.


In Catherine and Catherine Classic, the mode is available once the Golden Playhouse mode is completed on any difficulty. In Colosseum, two players can go head-to-head in a competitive climb-off from a selection of stages based on those from the Golden Playhouse. The winner is the player who either reaches the top or lasts the longest. Each session of Colosseum is played in a best-of-three rounds.


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  • The Energy Drink was nicknamed "X-Factor" by Finest KO because, like its Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 namesake, it makes comebacks very much possible.
  • Combo - Finest KO discovered that if one player jumps on another, the attacked player cannot grab onto a ledge and there is a short period of time during which the attacked player cannot act, which means that the attacking player, if he or she times it correctly, can repeatedly jump down on the opponent until that opponent is knocked off the tower.
  • Reversal - If a player sees another going approaching from a higher layer to go for a knockdown, he or she can push out the block that their opponent would attack from, either causing the opponent to fall or creating the opportunity for a counterattack.
  • Stand (Pin) - Colosseum Mode allows players to walk over opponents if they hit them with the pillow first and knock them to the ground. One method that players have found is to stand on top of the downed player, preventing him or her from moving, and then moving up to the next level right as the bottom layer of blocks is about to fall.
  • Option Select - If a player pulls out a block and ends up hanging as a result, he or she can knock down the opponent when dropping into that hang.

Competitive history[]

The game's professional scene began when FGC member David "Dacidbro" Broweleit desired to learn the insides of the game's engine.[1]The first notable tournament was an event called Super NorCal Install, which took place in 2012. The tournament would become the basis for the game's competitive scene.[2] Publisher Atlus would later officially sponsor the game as a side event at Evo 2015, while streaming it on their Twitch account.[3] The attention surrounding the event would later carry on into Evo 2016, CEOtaku 2016, Genesis 4, as well as a dedicated event in San Jose called The King of Catherine, which had awarded a Template:USD5,000 prize pool to winners.[1][4][5] Speaking later, the developers said they were surprised with how popular the game became in the international esports scene.[6]

Tournament Play With Colosseum (Catherine, Fighting Game Style?)[]


The Puzzle Game That Became A Fighting Game - Catherine

Akshon E-Sports' feature on competitive Catherine via Colosseum mode, including interviews with Dacidbro and Shas

As odd as it may seem, the argument has been made that even though Catherine is a puzzle game, it has a fighting game element thanks to the Colosseum Mode. While likely intended as a build-off, players have found that it is not only possible but often preferable to attack and KO the opponent rather than to reach the top.

Some Pro-Style Tournament Rules (courtesy of Finest KO)[]

The first and most prominent streamer and supporter of Catherine as a competitive fighting game, Finest KO ( developed these rules for Catherine tournaments:

  • Double-elimination
  • Best Of 3 Sets with Best Of 5 Sets for Grand Finals
  • Banned Stages
    • The Empireo, because a large wall of Dark Blocks creates an area where a knockdown will likely win the round unless the attacked player is very familiar with the game.
    • Prison Of Despair, because it is possible for players to KO the other player by going down to the lowermost block and causing the other player's entire side of the stage to collapse by pushing out the lowest block on that side (though it is possible for the stage to be played if both players agree to not use that tactic.)
    • Inquisition for being too quick.
  • The rest is up to players and organizers, although common practices include the first stage being random or agreed and allowing the loser to change the stage while prohibiting the loser from choosing a stage he or she has won on during the match (unless the winner agrees to it.)

Finest KO[]

Finest KO, a streaming group of Northern California gamers including pros in BlazBlue (including the Game Center team that represented the United States at BlazBlue Revolution), Guilty Gear, Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 and Persona 4 Arena, became the original supporters of Catherine as a legitimate competitive fighting game, calling Colosseum "a fighting game puzzle game". After playing through the Golden Playhouse on Hard difficulty during a stream session, two of their gamers, David "Dacidbro" Broweleit – one of the best BlazBlue players in the US, who would later commentate the Persona 4 Arena and BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma world finals at Evolution – and Sean "Coopa" Hoang discovered and tried Colosseum Mode, running a series of First To 5 money matches. They were smitten with the way it behaved like a fighting game, and hours later, they hashed out a meta game - with the aim of showing it off at a tournament.


Super NorCal Install, September 3rd, 2011 (First Streamed Tournament)[]


9 3 11 Super NorCal Install - First Catherine Tournament (1 2)

Footage from the first Catherine tournament at Super NorCal Install on September 3rd, 2011

The event was the next Super NorCal Install tournament on September 3rd, 2011 at Game Center in San Mateo, California, and the Catherine tournament - the very first streamed one in the world - proved to be the main event. The tournament also attracted players from Southern California and included not only Dacidbro and Coopa, but also Aksys worker and Shoryuken contributor James Xie and future SoCal Regionals Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 champion Vineeth Meka (Apologyman - nicknamed WallJumpMan at the time.)

Viewership on Twitch spiked during the tournament, leading to the stream being discussed on and NeoGAF and calls on the stream for Catherine to become a game featured at Evolution (EVO for short) - the annual world fighting game championships in Las Vegas.

Catherine Goes To Evolution - EVO 2015, July 18th, 2015[]


Competitive Catherine at EVO 2015

The full video of the Catherine tournament at EVO 2015

Four years later, that dream became a reality, as Atlus sponsored a large official Catherine side tournament at EVO 2015, which took place at Bally's Paris Hotel & Casino on the Las Vegas strip. The tournament attracted players from not only the United States but also Japan and Australia (which had the most sustained competitive scene). Competitors included Dacidbro and speedrunner Ghoul, who is a Babel world record holder. The tournament was widely well-received to the point that Competitive Catherine became a Twitter trending topic as other Colosseum tournaments were subsequently scheduled.

EVO 2016[]

The following year, Dacidbro defended his title successfully. The tournament was notable for including famed Super Smash Bros. Melee commentator Kris Aldenderfer (Toph), who participated both as player and commentator and finished second.

AnimEVO 2017[]

In a surprising turn of events, Dacid came in 9th place after being the top-ranked player for six years.

  • Winners: (1st) Shas, (2nd) Geordi, (3rd) Rob, (4th) Sketches
  • Full Tournament with Commentary by KaraKancel, Shas, MikeMuscles, and Ghoul
  • Video recorded and livestreamed on twitch by Ghoul

CEOtaku 2017[]

Catherine was a main event at CEOtaku 2017 thanks to Jebailey believing it to be its last year in the official lineup and wanting it to go out in style. It will still be at future CEO events, but likely in a non-official capacity. Of note, Shas was able to maintain his title as top-ranked player prompting this exchange on twitter. (Note: this was prior to the announcement of Catherine: Full Body)

Climb Cancel 2017[]

Catherine-only tournament held at Xanadu Games in Maryland. This tournament was attended by most of the top players and it is speculated that this event attracted more new public attention than some of the larger events.

Texas Spiral Tournament at FX Game Exchange 2018[]

A smaller local tournament held in God's Country (Texas)

  • Winners: (1st) Linus, (2nd) Ghoul, (3rd) Wobbles, (4th) Shig

Frosty Faustings 2018[]

Michigan Masters 2018[]

EVO Japan 2018[]

First Japanese Catherine: Full Body Tournament[]

  • Note: This tournament was held while Full Body was still in development. In the screenshots, changes can be seen to options available in versus mode.
  • Blog post by Atlus describing the event
  • Photos of this event have led to speculation of either 3 or 6 new stages in Colosseum mode as well the ability to select items/no items and some elements of the player models.

AnimEVO 2018[]

CEOtaku 2018[]


Climb Cancel 2018[]

Tokyo Pillow Fight 2 (Japan)[]

  • January 13, 2019
  • First Japanese tournament attended by an American Competitive Catherine player
  • (1st) Linus, (2nd) くろっく, (3rd) KEI, (4th) かっつん
  • Organizer (TO): Mekasue

Michigan Masters 2019[]

  • April 13th, 2019
  • First Catherine: Full Body tournament in the USA
  • Winners: (1st) Shas , (2nd) silentblackcat , (3rd) Orange Emoji, (4th) Sig
  • Organizer (TO): Axl.Werks (needs to be verified)
  • New rules for official Full Body tournaments:

> Illegal stages are Prison + Arrange

> To start: Players rps for sides, then we have a random number generator that maps to the rest of the stages for the first game. After that, winner gets to strike 2 and loser counterpicks from the rest

AnimEVO 2019[]


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