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Sex Female
Age Unknown
Hair Auburn
Eyes Brown
Occupation Unknown
JPN VA Unknown
ENG VA Unknown
"The ferry was running behind..."
— Connie explaining why she is late to the wedding

Connie (コニー) is a minor character in Catherine. She is the ex-wife of Orlando Haddick.


Orlando was initially very happy with his wife, until he lost almost all their money in a failed fishing business. Though he is adamant that she betrayed and left him because of it, it becomes clear later on that it happened a bit differently than he imagined. Though never fully explained, she most likely got upset for his foolishness in participating in a questionable business and said some harsh things. With an already wounded pride, he probably took this as a betrayal and a lack of faith in him at an already vulnerable time, and went for a divorce.

The novelization also claims that she cheated on him.[1] Orlando didn't want to talk about it with Vincent Brooks, however, likely due to the shame and embarrassment of it, even despite being the one being cheated on.[2]


Connie only appears briefly in Katherine True Ending. She attends Vincent and Katherine McBride's wedding at the Stray Sheep. Orlando explains he and Connie have decided to give things another chance.


  • A monstrous form of her is Orlando's boss in the Nightmares. She demands to know why he left her. Orlando later tells Vincent in the Nightmares that she tried to get back together with him, but his wounded pride again took this as her mocking him instead of a real gesture.
    • Orlando is baffled why he has been thrown in the Nightmares since he believes that he was the one who was betrayed, but he realizes that in reality, it is ultimately his own selfishness that is stopping him from getting back together with Connie, who is putting her own romantic life on hold to try to get him back.
  • Her name is only revealed in concept art.
  • She bears a strong resemblance to Ai Ebihara, the Moon S. Link from Persona 4.


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