Catherine Wiki

A demo to Catherine is available for PlayStation Plus and Xbox 360 users:

The demo shows the Underground Cemetery, some cutscenes from the first day, and ends with the final floor of the Prison of Despair and the first Boss encountered. The difficulty is locked on Easy.

Demo Level 1 - Underground Cemetery[]

The first demo level, fittingly, is the one and only level of Underground Cemetery, where there are very few block types or items and the floor falls relatively slowly, and even more so on Easy (which is the only setting on the demo.) Every few steps, a voice explains a new concept of the puzzle mechanic.

On Easy, you need 12,300 points to get the Silver Trophy and 15,400 for Gold. With practice, it's incredibly easy to clear the entire stage by collecting most of the coins and never breaking your chain.

Map 1-1 Demo

Map of Stage 1-1

16:32 - Cutscene[]

A cutscene at the Chrono Rabbit.

21:05 - Cutscene[]

A cutscene at the Stray Sheep.

21:20 - Cutscene/Free Time[]

At this time, Vincent gets a text from Katherine (Mail 1-3). Responding well to Katherine will result in another text from her (Mail 1-5), and a phone call after that if you respond well again.

22:36 - Cutscene[]

A cutscene at the Stray Sheep.

Demo Level 2 - Prison of Despair Final Floor (Boss Fight)[]

The demo skips to the Stage 2-3 - the final floor of the Prison of Despair, including the boss fight against the Fist of Grudge. This is fitting, as the Fist of Grudge is the first boss of the game and the gameplay is much the same as at the Underground Cemetery, only there are a couple new items and block types to worry about, and the Boss herself. She chases you up the tower quickly, and has the ability to turn all the blocks around you to Dark Blocks. There is one checkpoint in the middle of the level.

Map 2-3 Demo

Map of Stage 2-3

09:17 - Cutscene[]

A cutscene at Vincent's apartment, followed by a promotional video of the full game.

then followed by an image saying "I can't wait to see you" with Catherine giggling in the background,it is theorized that is Catherine saying it to cheer up the player to buy the full version.