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This achievement requires a completion of the game multiple times, to see each of the eight Ending.

At least three full playthroughs are needed. One playthrough with the karma meter all the way to 'Law', one with it to 'Chaos', and one with it in the middle. During the last Stage, there are three confessional questions that influence what ending you get, together with the karma meter. You can make one save at the beginning of Stage 9-2 to get 1 to 4 endings in one playthrough.

Ending details and instructions for obtaining each one can be found on the Ending article.

It's been reported that if you are at max Chaos or Order at the first landing of Stage 6, there is just enough time to get the meter into the middle (by answering all questions Law/Chaos appropriately) to get the Freedom endings by the end. This should save quite a bit of time in replaying.

Please note that each ending you view saves your progress externally once you hit 'Okay' on the final black screen (that display 'Fin' on a true ending). If you skip this step, it will not register that you've viewed that ending, so make sure you always let the game finish and show the title screen again. You can still 'Skip' the credits and movies and get credit.