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Drunk sexist guy
Drunk sexist guy
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The drunk sexist guy (unofficial name) is an annoying man who bothers Rin. He is drunk and sexist, saying women should do whatever he wants.

Catherine: Full Body[]

On Day 4, he asks Rin over to have a seat with him, but she apologizes and says no, as she is practicing. This angers him and he says all women should do what he says.

Rin stands up to him, saying he doesn't have the right to choose how other people live their lives. Vincent intervenes and tells him to cut it out. The guy then passes out and Vincent tells Rin she should ignore people like that.

On Day 5, he returns to see Rin again with an apparent friend. Both seem to be believers of the rumor that if someone records her on video, they will have good luck. They don't appear afterwards, leaving it unknown if they died in the The Great Trials. (in which case, good riddance)

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