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"You dare resist a god?!"

Dumuzid, also known as Dumuzid the Shepherd, is the demigod form of Thomas Mutton. He is the boss of Stage 9-6 at The Empireo as well as the final boss of Catherine and the penultimate boss of Catherine: Full Body in the Rin route.


Dumuzid appears as the disembodied floating ash-colored head of Thomas Mutton, with his right eye glowing a blinding red. Hundreds of sheep are interlocked to form a growth along the left side of his face, and atop his head is a crown is which consists of a throne with Thomas Mutton wielding a shepherd's staff sitting like his previous form.


In The Empireo, Vincent walks into the final room for the last time. Mutton, still infuriated after seeing Vincent survived the recent trial, mocks at Vincent that he was just messing around and was only trying to make him feel more confident. Mutton retreats back into the darkness, then a single red light pierces the darkness as well as a roar from below. A deformed face emerges from the dark. Determined not to lose after having survived this far, Vincent climbs.

After Vincent triumphs over Dumuzid's final challenge, the demigod refuses to admit defeat only for Vincent to lecture Dumuzid about Vincent's human nature and how he wants to live a free life without being controlled by anyone. Afterwards, Vincent proceeds to open the exit door which casts a bright light at Dumuzid, disintegrating him in the process as Vincent leaves.

Catherine: Full Body[]

In the Rin route of Catherine: Full Body, the story is identical although Vincent manages to free the imprisoned Rin as well and the two walk towards the exit door, while also possibly confessing their love for each other depending on the player's choice.

Boss guide[]

Dumuzid has three attacks. The first of these abilities is the Dumuzid Beam, a laser that will destroy all blocks marked in red, which will be a large portion of the lower parts of the tower. In Catherine: Full Body, this attack is not used in Safety and Easy modes.

The second attack starts a little further up the tower. Dumuzid applies a curse on Vincent, indicated by his eyes glowing purple which stuns him briefly. A purple cloud appears over Vincent's head, which lasts around 5 seconds. While affected, all special blocks (except Black Hole and Mystery Blocks) around him change whenever a block is pulled (but not pushed). The special blocks change in a set pattern according to the following order:[1] Dark Block, Bomb Block (small blast radius), Cracked Block, Heavy Block, Trap Block, Ice Block, Monster Block, Spring Block, Dark Block etc. Disarmed Trap Blocks, activated Bomb Blocks as well as disarmed Monster Blocks (Catherine and Catherine Classic only), do not change. In Catherine: Full Body, when playing in Safety mode, all encased special blocks turn into either White, Heavy or Immovable Blocks.

The curse, while a hinderance, can actually be employed to the player's benefit a lot of times. The curse can also turn Monster Blocks into Spring Blocks, which can help the player keep up with climbing the tower in a pinch.

Dumuzid's final attack comes a little after the second checkpoint, when he rains meteors down across the tower. Each block will glow red before it is struck, and it will mean instant death if Vincent is hit. Even if he isn't hit, the meteors will turn any White Block they hit into a Cracked Block (except in Safety mode in Full Body).


Opening line[]

  • "Arrrrrgghh, but now I'm angrrrrry! Prepare yourself, boxer boyyyyyy!"

Battle lines[]

  • "It's a fine night for a curse."
  • "I am the Morning Star! Hyaah!"
  • "Divine punishment...RAIN DOWN!"
  • "Shooting...STAR!"
  • "Dumuzid...BEAM!"
  • "I'll burn you to ashes!"
  • "Give up, boy. (laughter)"
  • "Relax. You're only going to die."
  • "(laughter) I'll put you out of your misery."
  • "(laughter) You are a pitiful man."
  • "You dare resist a god?!"
  • "Grrr...this can't be!"
  • "Curse you, you insect!"
  • "You are but a mere human...(laughter)"
  • "Grrr...why you..."
  • "Just give up!"
  • "Stop moving, human!"
  • "You're about to make me lose my cool up in here!"

Ending line[]

  • "I...I can't believe it!!!"

The Trivia For Tonight...[]

  • "Dumuzid" may refer to "Dumuzid the Shepherd" from Sumerian Mythology. Since Mutton owns the Stray Sheep bar, "Dumuzid the Shepherd" seems appropriate because all of the sheep seen on the landings are gathered at the bar.
  • During the stage, Dumuzid refers to himself as the "Morning Star." Morning Star is a title attributed to Lucifer. This may imply that Dumuzid was called Lucifer by the ancient Israelites, making him the origins for the story of the Devil.
  • When Dumuzid fires meteors to strike the player, the way he says it sounds like a spell from Persona.
  • When Dumuzid says "It's a fine night for a curse," this could be a reference to Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest, where the message "What a terrible night to have a curse" appears at nightfall. Incidentally, in the Japanese version, Mutton is voiced by Norio Wakamoto, who also voices Dracula throughout the entire Castlevania series.
  • The music played during the fight with Dumuzid is a re-orchestration of Frederic Chopin's Revolutionary Etude.




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