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Vincent and the mysterious meter.

There are 8 different story mode endings in the original version of Catherine and 13 in Catherine: Full Body. They are based on the many choices that the player has made during the course of the game, and some very major ones at the end of it.

There is another "ending" of sorts if the player unlock and completes all the Babel trials. For more information, visit Trisha.

Each ending completed will unlock one achievement (10 points for Xbox 360, Bronze for PlayStation 3). Completing all of them unlocks a final one (100 points for Xbox 360, Gold for PlayStation 3).

Once you've completed the game and start a new one, you are allowed to skip any puzzle sections that you received a gold prize on, allowing you to quickly obtain all endings. You can do this by pressing "Start" during the puzzle you wish to skip, and choosing "Skip."

Spoiler-free Guide

Here is a spoiler-free guide on how to obtain all endings. The True Endings are extended versions of the Good Endings, difference being alternate cut scenes after the credits (and additional achievements).

NOTE: The answer given in Stage 9-1 does not matter.

Ending Stage 9-2 Answer Stage 9-3 Answer Stage 9-4 Answer The Mysterious Meter
Katherine True Yes No Ready Heavily Order
Katherine Good Yes Yes Peaceful days Heavily Order
Yes No Right Option
No Yes Yes
No No No, Then Left Option
Katherine Bad Yes Yes Left Option Heavily Chaos or Middle
Yes No No
No No No, Then Left Option
Catherine True No Yes Yes Heavily Chaos
Catherine Good Yes Yes Right Option Heavily Chaos
Yes No Yes
No Yes No
No No No, Then Right Option
Catherine Bad Yes Yes Chaotic excitement Heavily Order or Middle
No Yes No
No No No, then chaotic excitement
Freedom Good No No Yes Heavily Either
Freedom True No No Yes Middle
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Catherine Bad  · Good  · True  · Alternate (Full Body only)
Freedom Good  · True
Katherine Bad  · Good  · True  · Alternate (Full Body only)
Rin (Full Body only) Bad  · Good  · True