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White Sheep[]


These sheep are passive, and won't actively try to come after Vincent. They are only concerned with climbing, but might still get in the way and use your block formations to get higher.

Horned Sheep[]


Same as the White Sheep, only slightly more aggressive. They won't hesitate to knock you aside in their journey upwards.

Giant Sheep[]


These sheep are not concerned with climbing so much as keeping Vincent from getting higher. They will pursue him and try to knock him off.

Black Sheep[]


Much more agile versions of Giant Sheep, with giant hammers as well. They are quick and can easily knock Vincent off the stage.

Red Sheep[]


Fast and deadly, these sheep are the most difficult of them all. Instead of knocking Vincent down, they use their axe to instant-kill him if directly adjacent to him. They can still be knocked off with his pillow, though won't stay down long. They can also climb 2 blocks at a time.



These ants behave similarly to Giant Sheep. They climb along the sides of blocks, are incredibly agile and will frequently get in your way and make it impossible to advance.

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