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Feather Adonis
Sex Female
Hair Blonde
Eyes Blue
Occupation Wrestlette

Feather Adonis is a wrestlette who competes in the women's wrestling tournament WrasslInsanity. She is portrayed in a positive fashion, with the announcer at the start of the game stating that Feather rarely taunts her opponents (though she goes on to do just that).


A strong contender in the beginning of the game, she suffers an injury during one of her matches which puts her on a losing streak. Because of this, the payout for a bet on her is astronomical.

In the Freedom Good Ending and Freedom True Ending, Vincent takes all the money he loaned from Thomas Mutton and bets it on Feather, much to the surprise and disappointment of his friends (and Boss). Though the odds are stacked heavily against her, Toby does mention Feather looks more pumped than usual before the final match.

In the Freedom Good Ending, Feather loses. In the Freedom True ending, she overcomes all odds and emerges as the champion.

Catherine: Full Body[]

It is revealed that Feather is lesbian or bisexual.[1]


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