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Frederick "Freddie" McGoohan
Sex Male
Occupation Video game developer at Fowles Electronics

Frederick "Freddie" McGoohan is the protagonist of Catherine: The Mysterious Tale of Rapunzel.


He is in a relationship with an author Stella Simmons. Freddie works at Fowles Electronics, where his boss is Daryl. Freddie has a co-worker, Georg Valença. He has an older sister named Helen. He used to date Sophie Mallow.

Catherine: The Mysterious Tale of Rapunzel[]

After his latest proposal for a video game about horoscopes fails, Freddie is asked by Daryl to create a dating sim, but Freddie is unsure of how to go about doing it.

On a whim, Freddie enters the Stray Sheep out of boredom. There, he orders a gin and lime. Freddie meets Vincent Brooks, Orlando Haddick and Jonathan Ariga. Orlando jokes about Vincent's ideal type of woman (blonde hair, blue eyes), and Freddie takes a mental note.

At Fowles, Freddie draws a character for the dating sim following his mental note. At that moment, a young woman who is a new employee at Fowles, Catherine, appears and talks to Freddie. Catherine suggests turning the game from a dating simulator into a pornographic "Peeping Tom taking consensual photos/video of couples having sex"-type of game. Catherine eventually seduces Freddie which makes him begin to have nightmares of being in a dream world inhabited by sheep.

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