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Freedom True Ending is one of the endings of Catherine.


Vincent talks with Boss at the Stray Sheep. He reasons that he doesn't desire marriage at all, and still has his entire life ahead of him to find what he wants, so gives up on both women. Boss asks if Vincent still wants either of them summoned, but Vincent refuses, instead asking for a loan to start a new life. Thought Boss initially misunderstands Vincent only asking for $500, it is corrected quickly to $50,000, the discounted cost of a seat on the tourist space program. Boss explains he doesn't have anywhere near that amount of money, but reluctantly loans Vincent all the cash he has. Vincent immediately uses it to place a bet through Boss on women's wrestling, figuring he can easily make the $50,000 through there. Boss is relatively sure Vincent is just throwing away the money without a care because it isn't his. Vincent goes all in, betting on 'Feather', a wrestler talked about in Day 1.

That night, Vincent is talking with his friends at the bar about everything that happened. Everyone is happy to be back to normal, and among the discussion Jonny states that he asked Katherine out on a date, which initially upsets Vincent until he calms down a bit. The wrestling match comes on and Feather wins. Vincent is shown to have moved out of his apartment with his winnings after that.

Vincent is then seen walking in a space port, where it is revealed that the city that Vincent lives in is actually a large spaceship, along with many others flying past. He comments that an individual living a life without following their ambitions would lead to misery.

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