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This achievement is only available while playing Golden Playhouse mode. It is unlocked by pushing an ice block so it slides across 5 block lengths without stopping.

The easiest location to get this achievement is on the second stage of the Quadrangle (5-2). At the very start of the level, simply pull out one of the intial blocks and drag it to the far right side of the starting are, which is made up of 6 ice blocks in a row. Then push the ice block down the row, and the achievement is yours.

Another very easy location is on the first stage of Quadrangle (5-1) on Easy difficulty. Towards the beginning, when there is a winding staircase of ice blocks on the left, at the foot of the stairs on the right is a single ice block. Just pull, spider crawl to the other side and push. More than enough spaces for the achievement.


Catherine - Have an Ice Day Trophy Achievement