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This video shows the Inazuma Technique and the Inazuma Variation Technique.


Techniques Inazuma









  • Inazuma (電 / 稲妻 / いなずま / いなづま) means "Lightning" in Japanese [1]
  • Inazuma is the name of the Goddess of Lightning in the Shinto religion [2]
  • Ninazu is a Sumerian god of the underworld and healing, in some traditions the step-son of Nergal. [3]
  • Azimua/Ninazimua: wife/husband of Ningishzida, a serpent-headed god/goddess guarding the celestial palace and/or the underworld alongside Dumuzi. Possibly also the spouse of Dumuzi's sister, Geshtinanna. [4] [5]

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