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Jukebox Songs, as seen in the achievement Play It Again, Vince....

A complete listing of jukebox tracks, their source, and how to attain them. Each track is linked to an achievement, so please take care if you want to fully avoid spoiling them.

The jukebox contains music from various ATLUS games but most notably Persona.

Song Title Source Game Attained
It's a Golden Show Catherine Clear Stage 1
Lost Lamb Catherine Clear Stage 2
The Melancholy of R30 Catherine Clear Stage 3
Thus Spoke Brooks Catherine Clear Stage 4
Shepherd's Funeral March Catherine Clear Stage 5
Sheep Pinnacle Catherine Clear Stage 6
Jouji Washington Catherine Clear Stage 7
On the Lamb, Between ♂ and ♀ Catherine Clear Stage 8
Good Morning, New Day Catherine Clear Stage 9
Soul Phrase Persona 3 Portable Solve Archie's problem
Memories of the City Persona 3 Solve Todd's problem
Configuration DDS Avatar Tuner Solve Daniel's problem
Svadhisthana DDS Avatar Tuner Solve Morgan's problem
Om Mani Padme Hm DDS Avatar Tuner 2 Solve Justin's problem
P3 FES Persona 3 FES Solve everyone's problem
Stalked In The Dark Catherine Get the Bad Katherine ending
Iwatodai Dorm Persona 3 Get the Good Katherine ending
SMILE Persona 4 Get the True Katherine ending
Brand New Days -The Beginning- Persona 3 FES Get the Bad Catherine ending
Play Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne Get the Good Catherine ending
Blind Alley Persona 3 FES Get the True Catherine ending
Signs of Love Persona 4 Get the Good Freedom ending
River of Samsara DDS Avatar Tuner Get the True Freedom ending
An Die Freude Catherine View all endings
Wiping All Out Persona 3 Portable Beat the game
Rapunzel Catherine Clear 64 stages in Rapunzel
Title Loop 2 Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne Discover the hidden Rapunzel
Your Affection Persona 4 Discover the truth about Rapunzel
Trisha Catherine Earn 1 Gold Prize on Normal/Hard
Backside Of The TV Persona 4 Earn 3 Gold Prizes on Normal/Hard
Hunting DDS Avatar Tuner Earn 5 Gold Prizes on Normal/Hard
Burn My Dread Persona 3 Earn all Gold Prizes on Normal/Hard
Pursuing My True Self Persona 4 Earn all Gold Prizes on Hard
Sun Persona 3 Portable Clear the Altar bonus stage in Babel
Mass Destruction Persona 3 Clear the Menhir bonus stage in Babel
Battle for Survival DDS Avatar Tuner 2 Clear the Obelisk bonus stage in Babel
Heartful Cry Persona 3 FES Clear the Axis Mundi bonus stage in Babel
Staff Credits Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne Move 5 blocks at once
Paulownian Mall Persona 3 Move a solid block 10 consecutive times
World Map ~Real World~ Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne Slide an ice block 5 spaces
Amaravati DDS Avatar Tuner 2 Use a spring block 3 consecutive times
Mad Mart DDS Avatar Tuner 2 Detonate 15 blocks at once
A Way of Life Persona 3 Portable Send 20 text messages
YO Catherine Change a song in the jukebox
This Strange Feeling Persona 3 Hear all the trivia about Cocktail.
World Map Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne Hear all the trivia about Sake
Muladhara DDS Avatar Tuner Hear all the trivia about Beer
Inherent Will DDS Avatar Tuner 2 Hear all the trivia about Whiskey
Alone Persona 4 Continue to stay in the bar after everyone leaves
Heaven Persona 4 Unlock everything