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Katherine Alternate Ending (unofficial name) is an ending exclusive to Catherine: Full Body.


Vincent begs Katherine to take him back, claiming he didn't actually cheat but she appears to still have some resentment for Vincent for his behaviour; Katherine replies saying she heard a similar story from Jonny and Orlando beforehand but then asks Vincent that even if the cheating was an illusion, did he still enjoy feeling like he cheated before leaving him. Katherine sits alone in her room, wondering if she's not that attractive. Katherine notices an invitation on her desk saying that she has been invited to a party titled "Brand New Me!" While on a stroll through downtown, Vincent notices Katherine in a red dress at a fashion designer party. Katherine tells him she has joined a fashion magazine. Vincent says she looks incredible and asks her out, but Katherine apologizes and declines, saying she has plans. It is revealed Katherine has become very popular and has received admirers but she tells them "maybe later next week". Katherine leaves in a helicopter and tells Vincent that she was held down by him and felt trapped. Katherine thanks Vincent for helping her realize that "people are more free than you think" and reminds him he is free to do what he wants with his life now too, but this upsets Vincent who still has feelings for her who states to himself that he'll find a way to get her next time.

In the ending credits, Vincent tries to get back together with Katherine again but she turns him down while holding another man's hand, implying Katherine has found someone else. Katherine is later seen smiling looking at a photo of her and Vincent.

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Catherine Bad  · Good  · True  · Alternate (Full Body only)
Freedom Good  · True
Katherine Bad  · Good  · True  · Alternate (Full Body only)
Rin (Full Body only) Bad  · Good  · True
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