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Katherine Bad Ending is one of the Ending of Catherine.


Vincent tricks Katherine into meeting with him alone at the Stray Sheep, with Orlando sending a fake invitation to a friendly reunion and Thomas Mutton providing the transportation.

Once there, he explains his side of the story: that Catherine wasn't real, so technically he did not cheat at all. Although Katherine does trust his words, she senses that he only wants the excitement. Despite Vincent's pleading, Katherine tells him there is no second chance for them to be together again, and bids farewell.

Vincent is consoled by Boss, encouraging him to give it more time, and Orlando and Jonny, telling him that he is already free from commitment and can date again, which puts Boss off. However, these do little to comfort Vincent, and says he will be okay without her.

Exhausted from all the nightmares, Vincent falls asleep at the table. While at it, his pals accompany him for a round of drinks.

Unlike most other endings, there are no pictures shown after credits. Instead, Katherine is heard tapping her finger onto the table (as how she shows her irritation whenever Vincent does not pay attention) and snaps him out of it by saying, "Hey, where'd you go?". This is reminiscent of the game's prologue scene at the Chrono Rabbit.

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