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Menhir is the second stage of the Babel extra stages.


The second stage, Menhir, takes its name from the mysterious standing stones! Only those who stand tall against these megaliths will be victorious!

The giant walls that appear almost at random will separate the true climbers from the amateurs. Go forth, and use your expertise and intuition to forge a path!


Overall Layout

Menhir (Solo) Wall Chart.png

Menhir generally consists of ~185 steps, divided into 10 Levels. Each level is ~20 steps, except Level 1 (~15 steps) and Level 10 (~10 steps). Each level has a predefined set of possible wall patterns that are randomly selected. The game will not select the same wall twice in a row.

Menhir is a narrow stage, with the widest sections being only 5 blocks wide. Menhir adds Trap blocks into the mix, and its later levels generally have diagonally slanted landings to present hard-to-deal-with situations. Consequently, this makes Geronimo and the various Fitting techniques very useful here.


  • Always trigger Trap blocks even if you don't think your solution involves stepping on them. Unless you're attempting to speedrun this it's always better to be safe than sorry.
  • Each pattern of 3-block landings/joints is always solvable regardless of how awkward it looks with a combination of Geronimo and pull-outs. Look at Babel Tips for a few pointers on common patterns.
  • Level 4 may be the trickiest of the lot and it's easy to screw yourself over with the immovable Babel blocks by not thinking ahead with a solution for the entire wall instead of just trying to go one step higher. Look at the next landing, decide on a target (all possible wall patterns have gaps in their top row meaning it's essentially a 4-high wall to worry about even though they're all actually 5-high walls), and then work out where your 2x3 base needs to be. Alternatively, if your current landing is stable enough you can attempt to bring the entire wall down 1-2 steps by pushing out a bunch of blocks.
  • For the diagonal landings towards the end, moving the topmost block of the landing sideways often is the beginning of the solution as it brings down the next wall, and gives you a 2-block landing to work with.

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Menhir (Japanese Version)

Menhir (Solo Mode) (Catherine US)