Mysterious Voice
Mysterious Voice.png
Sex Male
JPN VA Junko Minagawa
ENG VA Yuri Lowenthal
"This is your dream. What appears depends on you... doesn't it?"
— Mysterious Voice to Vincent

The Mysterious Voice is a disembodied voice that speaks to Vincent and frequently taunts him in his dreams. He does this while Vincent is on the Landings and also during the Nightmare Stages, but is the star of his own show while behind the window of the Confessional. During Vincent's waking hours, the voice is known as The Cryptic Voice.

The voice is later on revealed to belong to Astaroth, a Crowned Prince of Hell, and said to be the patron of inquisitors. He is the being responsible for the creation of Babel (and in extension, the existence of Dumuzid as well as the Nightmare itself).

Thomas Mutton at one point during The Empireo comments that:

"You'll never see his face, not in a thousand years!" Considering that Astaroth is immortal, and Vincent is still human (depending on what ending the player gets), his comment is ironically correct.

Significant plot details end here.
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