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Neo-Brooklyn is an American space colony and city located on an unidentified planet separate from the human homeworld of Earth. It is the home of Vincent Brooks, Katherine McBride and other characters as well as the location of the Stray Sheep, Chrono Rabbit, and Kappa Heaven. Neo-Brooklyn serves as the primary setting of Catherine and it's remake Catherine: Full Body. The colony itself is named after Brooklyn, the real-world borough of New York City south of Manhattan and bordering Queens.

As glimpsed in a few cutscenes, Neo-Brooklyn is a heavily urban and industrialized city surrounded by desert-like lands and frequently experiences a lack of rainfall to the point where there is an entire sign showing days without rainfall. Still, it's a bustling and fairly successful space colony with many residents going about their lives as usual complete with a police department and businesses apart from men suffering from the Nightmares.

The Trivia for Tonight...[]

  • Despite being the game's main setting, Neo-Brooklyn is never named by it's characters and is only identified as such in Full Body where a wine bottle describes the location of the Stray Sheep.