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Sex Male
Occupation Plenipotentiary of the Netherworld
"You're not taking my babyyyyyyyy!"
— Nergal to Vincent about Catherine

Nergal is Catherine's father, and a Lord and Emissary of the Underworld.


He appears in the Catherine True Ending and Catherine Good Ending, though Catherine speaks to him at times over the phone when she calls Vincent.

A luminescent orb of electricity materializes beside the booth at the Stray Sheep that Catherine and Vincent are occupying. This frightens Vincent, visibly contorting his face in horror; this is Nergal’s introduction. The demon lord utilizes this method to travel between this world and his dark domain.

Nergal trying to prevent Vincent and Catherine from marriage.

Nergal is the opposite of what one would expect from a demon lord: whining and pathetically ineffectual, he spends most of his time playing video games with his daughter. He is fiercely protective of her, and expresses great upset when she decides to marry Vincent, a human. In the Catherine True Ending, he is relegated to becoming a loveseat for Catherine and Vincent, forced to endure their affections for eternity.

Catherine shows no fear or intimidation of him, even going so far to kick him in his genitals to stop his whining.

During the Catherine Good Ending, Nergal is shown to have both horns fully intact. At the end of the Catherine True Ending, a large portion of his right horn is broken off. This may suggest a physical struggle between Nergal and Vincent as Vincent ascends to become King of the Underworld.

The Trivia for Tonight.....

  • In Mesopotamian mythology, Nergal is said to be the husband of Ereshkigal, the goddess of the land of the dead. Ereshkigal is referred to as Ishtar's eldest sister in the Sumerian hymn "The Descent of Inanna." This quite possibly makes Catherine Ishtar's Niece.


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