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The Obelisk is the 3rd stage of Babel.


The third stage is taken from a stone pillar of Ancient Egypt, the Obelisk! Who will receive the pharoah's praise upon the capstone?

These stone shafts will make anyone who attempts to climb them lose their footing. Go forth, and use your intuition to forge a path!


Overall layout[]

Obelisk adds Ice Blocks, Bomb Blocks, Monster Blocks, Mystery Blocks and Spring Blocks. Each level has a predefined set of possible wall patterns that are randomly selected. The game will not select the same wall twice in a row.


In Obelisk Single, the stage generally consists of around 210-230 steps divided into 10 levels.

In Levels 1-2, the wall patterns generally consist of three-five blocks wide of wall patterns filled with Ice Blocks. After the first 20 steps, Bomb Blocks start appearing where in some patterns the player will be forced to step on them as they pull blocks. Netherless, the player should quickly finish forming their staircase and get to higher ground. The player will also need to account for which blocks fall due to the destruction of the Bomb Blocks also causing some blocks above them to fall, possibly compromising the player's next move if they are standing on such blocks and do not step into higher elevation.

Level 3 begins when the player reaches around 30 steps. The wall patterns have the same width range as with Level 2 though instead of Ice Blocks a few Mystery Blocks are present. At higher areas, Bomb Blocks start appearing in the wall patterns; the player should generally avoid constructing staircases of blocks which require the player to step on them.

Level 4 begins when the player reaches around 50-60 steps. The wall patterns are now usually about four blocks wide though now Ice Blocks are integrated into them. Most walls of blocks are usually suspended on top of a single block thus requiring the player to push that block out so that it no longer supports the above wall and proceed to carefully construct staircases, acting quickly if they are forced to step on a Bomb Block. The player will also encounter the brighter Bomb Blocks which affect blocks in a two-block radius.

Level 5 begins when the player reaches around 80 steps. The stage widens from 3-5 blocks to 8 blocks, creating many opportunities to make some steps with the Slider technique. The player must pay attention to Monster Blocks and the numerous Mystery Blocks due to their random nature, as they can create huge problems.

Level 6 begins when the player reaches around 105-110 steps. The wide stage gradually splits into two separate towers that are about four blocks wide each; the player can choose which tower to climb on. The player may be required to create bridges of blocks to the other tower if they are in a favorable position to do so, especially if they mess up while traversing on their current tower, or if the wall patterns stop spawning due to the other tower having more blocks.

Level 7 begins when the player reaches around 130 steps. The player still traverses one of the two aforementioned towers as with Level 6.

Level 8 begins when the player reaches around 150-160 steps. The two towers merge into another wide section but now the player has to make complicated stairways due to the limited number of supporting blocks to reach the next row above them. In subsequent wall patterns, there are numerous Monster Blocks.

Level 9 begins when the player reaches around 180 steps. After scaling up the wide sections, the wall patterns narrow the tower down to a width of five blocks like the early sections of this stage albeit in more complex arrangements. Also, few of the other non-standard blocks are seen, including the brighter variant of the Bomb Blocks that the player should be vary of.

Level 10 begins when the player reaches around 200 steps. This is essentially the end of the stage with freebie solid rectangular walls (though minding the Ice Blocks) all the way to the top. Sometimes, the player may only have to scale the final five-storey wall pattern containing the goal.


In Pair mode, Obelisk consist of around 150 steps. While the wall patterns in Pair mode of its stage are wider than its Single counterpart (thus making the stage less complicated), the stage splits into two towers when reaching Level 6 before merging into one wide stage upon reaching Level 8.

In Full Body, Bomb Blocks, Mystery Blocks and Monster Blocks are not featured in the Pair version of Obelisk; the wall patterns that featured both block types in the original Catherine/Catherine Classic are replaced with one of the remaining block types instead.


  • Use Bomb Evasion (pushing Bomb Blocks off the edge after they are triggered) to reduce problems with Cracked Blocks.
  • In the original Catherine and Catherine Classic, the player must always account for all possible block types (especially the hazardous types) that a Mystery Block can change into and the player must plan on how to approach and respond to the block change.
    • For the possibility of a Mystery Block changing into a Trap Block, always immediately move away or hang off of the Mystery Block and avoid dropping from a height of two blocks of landing directly on top of a Mystery Block.
    • For the possibility of a Mystery Block to transform into an Ice Block, avoid stepping into a Mystery Block that is located at the edge of the same level of footing as the player's; the player should instead hang off and move along block edges to reach the Mystery Block in question and then climb up to trigger it while immediately moving away or hang off of it.
    • In Pair, if a player is hanging over a Mystery Block, try to have the other player trigger it on the account of its ability to transform into a Trap Block.
  • Beware of Monster Blocks, as their movements may suddenly block the player's path which can be dangerous when also near Trap Blocks. The player should also be careful when trying to step on top of them as they can also move right at that moment, potentially causing the player to fall to their death. It is somewhat possible to tell when a Monster Block is about to move; those ones have their "eyes" in the front glow more brightly (which then dim out after the blocks move).

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