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Paul Miller
Sex Male
Age 32
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
JPN VA Shinya Takahashi
ENG VA Xander Mobus

Paul Miller (ポール) is introduced already in a state of rigor mortis, mouth agape. Recently divorced, looked healthy, it's a complete shock to the circle of friends. Apparently, his mother found him dead in his room on the morning of Day 1. He is a victim of The Great Trials.


Paul in high school in Catherine: Full Body.

Paul was also a classmate of the circle in high school and sometimes frequented the Stray Sheep, but most of them hadn't seen him since. Paul had a reputation for being a ladies' man in high school.

Jonny ran into him a few days before the game begins, and seemed fine, later wishing he had asked.

Jonny eventually breaks the news, shocking Vincent.

"Paul...? Wait... THAT Paul!? He's dead!?"
— Vincent
"Yeah... The "mystery death" on the news. That was him."
— Jonny

Catherine: Full Body

In the ending where Catherine rewrites history, Paul gets together with Katherine McBride.


Vincent's corpse in a game over.

  • His hair is dark and shaggy like Vincent's, albeit a bit longer. Paul could be seen as a foreshadowing of what may happen to Vincent in a game over.
  • His surname is only revealed in Full Body.


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