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Paul Miller
Sex Male
Age 32
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
JPN VA Shinya Takahashi
ENG VA Xander Mobus

Paul Miller (ポール) is introduced already in a state of rigor mortis, mouth agape. Recently divorced, looked healthy, it's a complete shock to the circle of friends. Apparently, his mother found him dead in his room on the morning of Day 1. He is a victim of The Great Trials.


Paul in high school in Catherine: Full Body.

Paul was also a classmate of the circle in high school and sometimes frequented the Stray Sheep, but most of them hadn't seen him since. Paul had a reputation for being a ladies' man in high school.

Jonny ran into him a few days before the game begins, and seemed fine, later wishing he had asked. Jonny eventually breaks the news of Paul's death to his friends, shocking Vincent.

Catherine: Full Body

In the ending where Catherine rewrites history, Paul appears in his high school years like the rest of the cast. At some point later, Paul gets together with Katherine McBride and several years after their high-school days, he is present at Vincent and Catherine's post-wedding reception at the Stray Sheep.


Vincent's corpse in a game over.

  • His hair is dark and shaggy like Vincent's, albeit a bit longer. Paul could be seen as a foreshadowing of what may happen to Vincent in a game over.
  • His surname is only revealed in Full Body.


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