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"Take Your Heart"
— Slogan of the Phantom Thieves of Hearts, Persona 5

The Phantom Thieves of Hearts, also known as the Phantom Thieves, are a group of vigilante Persona users from Persona 5 and related media. Sick of the deception, hypocrisy and corruption within their world, the Phantom Thieves are devoted to "stealing" the hearts of the wicked, usually of adults in positions of power, in order to reform society for the better.

The Phantom Thieves appear in the Babel and Colosseum modes in Catherine: Full Body though only it's leader Joker is playable while the other members are NPC commentators.


For more information, see the Phantom Thieves' entry under Phantom Thieves of Hearts on the Megami Tensei Fandom Wiki


Catherine: Full Body[]

The Trivia For Tonight...[]

  • A plushie of Morgana is seen among Rin's belongings in Full Body alongside Teddie from Persona 4.
  • Goro Akechi, Sumire Yoshizawa, Zenkichi Hasegawa and Sophie are the only Phantom Thieves to not appear in Full Body. In the case of Akechi and Yoshizawa, they are not core members of the team with the former being a traitor. Likewise, Persona 5 Strikers was in development by the time Full Body came out and thus neither Zenkichi nor Sophie could appear.
  • Every member of the Phantom Thieves including Akechi and Sumire can dress up as the characters of Catherine in both Persona 5 and Persona 5 Royal respectively. Each costume corresponds to specific aspects of the Phantom Thieves which are:
    • Joker and Vincent Brooks - The dark haired protagonist of the games who cheat on their girlfriends (potentially in Joker's case).
    • Ryuji Sakamoto and Orlando Haddick - The blonde best friend to the main protagonist with a snarky attitude.
    • Morgana and Sheep - The animal mascot of the game.
    • Ann Takamaki and Catherine - Blonde pigtailed seductress and potential love interest for the protagonist.
    • Yusuke Kitagawa and Jonathan Ariga - A calm and stern short haired man who work for their fathers (adoptive father and formerly so for Yusuke).
    • Makoto Niijima and Katherine McBride - Prominent high school student and a love interest for the protagonist.
    • Futaba Sakura and Tobias Nebbins - The youngest member of the cast with a passion for technology (Electronics/Cars) and wears a beanie on their head.
    • Haru Okumura and Erica Anderson - A woman employed at an eating establishment (Haru with Okumura Foods and later Okumura Cafe/Erica with the Stray Sheep).
    • Goro Akechi and Thomas Mutton - A significant character who turn out to be a major twist villain and worked on behalf of someone else (Masayoshi Shido for Akechi and Ishtar for Mutton).
    • Sumire Yoshizawa and Rin - A new character from the re-released version of the game who hides a major secret about them that is revealed later on ("Kasumi" was actually Sumire/Rin is a male alien).
  • Joker's English VA Xander Mobus also voices Paul Miller in the Catherine True Ending of Full Body. Similarly, some of Catherine's voices in the Japanese-only Ideal Voice set are the VAs for other Phantom Thieves such as Nana Mizuki (Ann Takamaki) and Aoi Yūki (Futaba Sakura). Additionally, Erica Anderson and Ishtar are voiced in English by Erin Fitzgerald who also voices Futaba's mother Wakaba Isshiki and Chie Satonaka.

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