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Sex Male
Age Unknown
Hair Brown
Eyes Unknown
Occupation Prince

The Prince is a character in the game "Rapunzel".


One day, he saw a witch climb a tower with hair, and decided to follow her. In the tower, he met Rapunzel and learns of her story. He decides to altruistically save her after discovering she has been imprisoned in a tower by the witch.

The Prince has become smitten with Rapunzel, and they hatch a plan where he brings her 8 threads of silk each night for 8 nights, for 64 total threads (stages), so she can craft a ladder and escape. In the game, the Prince must climb a set of block towers before reaching Rapunzel's hair.

As the game goes on, the Prince asks Rapunzel about her past, her parents, and the witch. She grows to like him, and is excited about the prospect of running away. Towards the end of the game (Stage 48) Rapunzel begins to have horrific nightmares, and she becomes terrified the witch has found out about their affair. Though the Prince calms her, she asks him to find four rosaries for her fingers, to drive away the nightmares.

Though the Prince gathers the rosaries in the last stages, she is continually beset by nightmares: the witch cutting off her hair, abandoning her in the desert, or luring the Prince with her severed hair and killing him. (These are all actual endings to the real Rapunzel fairy tale).

In the True Ending, the Prince brings Rapunzel the last silk thread, so she can finish her ladder. As they are about to leave, the witch arrives in a rage and threatens them both. As she is casting her spell, the four rosaries the Prince collected form a barrier, reflecting the spell back onto the witch and knocking her out the window. The Prince and Rapunzel live happily ever after.

In the Bad Ending, the Prince brings Rapunzel the last silk thread, so she can finish her ladder. As he does so, she begins to contort and cackle, and shows her true form as the witch. She explains she had been taking Rapunzel's form for quite some time, who she calls "impure." The witch then casts a spell on the Prince, who has no protection, and is thrown out the tower window. He lands in the rose thorns below, which gouge his eyes out and blind him.

Extra mode[]