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The Prison of Despair is the second level of Catherine and takes place, as the name suggests, in a prison where those who have harmed their significant others are jailed. An escape is possible - if one can stay on the blocks.

This is the level that appears immediately after Vincent meets Catherine.


"Only those who can remain stable among the cries of the sinful will survive this crumbling stage."
— Colosseum Mode description

The Prison of Despair includes some tutorial aspects not present at the Underground Cemetery, such as hanging and avoiding being crushed by falling blocks. It also includes the game's first boss fight against the Fist of Grudge and the first landings and confessionals (meaning the first real encounter with Astaroth and other sheep.)


The Prison of Despair appears to be designed as a veritable prison - the area appears to be like a penitentiary, and each floor, including sheep in cages and cells, appears to be like a cell block.


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  • Immediately after the stage begins:
    • Vincent: Where am I? Last night's dream...again?! What the hell?! I was at the bar, and this girl came in, and then...Dammit, I can't remember! What's going on?!

The Trivia For Tonight...[]

  • The music is Planets Suite "Mars", "Jupiter" by Gustav Holst.
  • Defeating the Fist of Grudge awards the achievement The Great Escape, alluding to the fact that Vincent has just made a jailbreak from an impregnable prison such as Alcatraz, Maze Prison or Stalag Luft III (all of whom have escapes from them labeled as "The Great Escape".)
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