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"I'll be waiting for you at the Quadrangle. You'll be frozen with fear..."
— Astaroth to Vincent in the Stray Sheep Bathroom on Day 4

The Quadrangle is the fifth level of Catherine.


"Only those who keep their cool in this frigid blizzard will win. This stage is full of slippery ice!"
— Colosseum Mode description


The word "Quadrangle" is the non-colloquial version of "quad," such as one seen at a university. As such, although it looks like a building from the map of the Great Trials, in reality, the stage is set in a courtyard surrounded by buildings with tall stained glass windows. Some trees are also present.

For the first time, weather becomes a factor, as a howling blizzard has now engulfed the entire area. A frigid tornado blowing blocks and sheep alike is present on each floor, and at certain points, Vincent must dodge blocks hurled from the tornado onto the tower. Ice Blocks also appear for the first time.



  • Dvořák – symphony № 9 in e minor "from the new world" 1st movement, 3rd movement scherzo
  • Händel – Messiah "Hallelujah Chorus"
  • Woman's Hand

Boss Character[]


Male Narrator[]

First Floor[]

  • Stepping on an Ice Block will make you slide until you reach the edge. 
  • It's a dangerous hazard that can lead to instant death.  Be careful!

Second Floor[]

  • "Grab-Pushing" an Ice Block or hanging onto an edge will let you move over one without sliding. 
  • Study the terrain and find a safe route!

Third Floor[]

  • This is the final area for tonight. 
  • Use all the techniques you've learned to reach the pinnacle of this Ice Mountain!


First Floor[]

  • "Huh, snow?!
  • ...S**t, it's cold!
  • I, I-I, I'm gonna freeze to death..."

Second Floor[]

  • Him again?  F**k!

Third Floor/Boss Battle[]

  • Wha... That can't be... K-Katherine!?
  • A wedding dress!?
  • Wha... !?
  • Hold on, calm down now!!


  • NOT LIKE THIIIIIIIIISSSS! (When falling off of the stage)
  • AAAAAUUUUGGGGHHHH!!!!!!! (When falling off of the stage)

Female Narrator[]

  • Commencing area two, are you ready?

The Trivia For Tonight...[]

  • The music is Symphony No. 9 in E Minor "From the New World" 1st Movement, 3rd Movement Scherzo by Antonín Dvořák.
  • Upon completion of this stage, the player will unlock the Achievement/Trophy, "Crossing the Courtyard."
  • A quadrangle is better known at colleges and universities as a, "quad," meaning this stage takes place in a courtyard surrounded by other buildings of the Great Trials' tower.
  • While playing this stage in Colosseum Mode, no items will appear. Some competitive players prefer this so that others cannot rely on items, including Energy Drinks.


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