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Gender Male
Hair Pink
Eyes Blue
Occupation Pianist at Stray Sheep
Location Piano corner
Time At Bar Days 1-5: Always present
Day 9: Always present
JPN VA Aya Hirano
ENG VA Brianna Knickerbocker
"I wanted to say thanks, not just for saving me, but... also providing me a job and a place to stay... I was so scared, I couldn't remember anything. I'm so glad I met someone as nice as you, Vincent."
— Rin to Vincent

Rin (リン Rin), also known as Qatherine due to a misunderstanding, is a major character introduced in Catherine: Full Body who does not appear in the original Catherine.

He is one of the possible love interests of Vincent Brooks. Rin acts as a healing presence for Vincent through the nightmares and exemplifies new values. Rin serves as Vincent's calm amid the storm of tensions between him, Catherine and Katherine McBride. The two met under tumultuous circumstances as Rin was fleeing from a mysterious pursuer.

Rin initially suffers from amnesia and does not remember who he is, except for his name and a desire to play a certain melody on the piano. He becomes Vincent's new neighbor, having moved into the apartment beside his, and also becomes the pianist at the Stray Sheep.

It is eventually revealed that Rin is an otokonoko or a male crossdresser who is mistaken for a woman due to his dress, pink hair, soft voice and short stature. In order to fit into society's expectations of what a man should be, and due to being self-conscious of how others may treat him, Rin masqueraded as a woman. It is later revealed that Rin is an alien who was transformed into a human to fulfill a mission, explaining his androgynous appearance. His alien race have been mistaken by humanity as "angels".

Rin is also a playable character in the game's DLC.


Rin has pink hair in a bob cut and large light blue eyes. He is slender and short in stature.

He wears a light blue dress reminiscent of a sailor fuku that stops right before the knees with drawings of wings on his upper back. The dress has white frills underneath at the bottom. He has a white tie. For footwear, Rin wears white socks and light blue Mary Jane shoes.

Rin has a strange bracelet on his left wrist, with what looks like to be pink smoke or powder inside. It is never explained what this bracelet is. It could be an alien device that keeps Rin in his human form or simply one of his toys. Erica Anderson mentions that she hears strange noises and talking from it, while Vincent theorizes it could be a radio. This could mean it may be a tracking device to let Rin's brothers know where he is, as well as spy on his conversations.

Rin wears white-and-pink stripped hoodie with pink shorts as his pajamas. They were given to him by Erica.


"Playing music calms my heart... even in a place like this."
— Rin in the nightmare world

Rin's favorite happy cube.

Rin has a different personality than Catherine and Katherine. Rin has a gentle and obedient personality. Erica views Rin as having an "innocent cluelessness" that is alluring in a caring way. Rin likes to collect random trinkets, knick-knacks and memorabilia which he puts in his room. One of his favorite ones is a blue cube because it makes him feel less sad.

He seems to be very pure of heart, lacking any traces of hate, and has a very peaceful, empathetic and compassionate personality. Rin is also shown to be very forgiving towards others who have wronged him, not holding any grudges. In a conversation, Rin reveals he has gay-friendly views, saying if people are in love, he does not see why their sex should not matter because love is love. When asked by Jonny about love between a human and non-human, Rin says species should not matter either. Both of these instances hint towards Rin's relationship with Vincent, and how Rin is the same sex as Vincent, as well as Rin being of alien origin.

Despite Rin's kind attitude, he is shown to have a backbone and can be quite stern and vocal when put into tough situations. Despite his obedient personality, there are still moments when he does not back down, such as when he feels offended or when one of his friends is being mistreated.


Rin's piano helping Vincent.

As a pianist, it is shown that Rin likes music and his desire to play the piano is one of the few things that survived his amnesia. Although he is not the best pianist early on, he is trying hard to improve, especially because his piano playing can help men survive in the nightmares. By the end of the game, Rin becomes very talented at the piano.

He is shown to be somewhat clumsy, which often gets him into embarrassing situations. He also has some unusual behavior and lacks social etiquette skills. Rin also does not seem to view sexuality as something embarrassing or perhaps is nescient about it; when Rin accidentally exposes himself in front of Vincent, he displays no shame and does not try to cover his body. Rin also does not seem to interpret the sounds in Vincent's apartment room with Catherine as sexual.

One of Rin's insecurities is his gender. Due to being insecure about how others may treat them, Rin masquerades as a woman in public, even though he is not transgender and identifies as male. When Vincent asks if Rin is a guy, Rin happily says, "Oh! Yeah, that's right!" Rin is happy to confide his secret with Vincent, although Vincent's negative reaction mortifies Rin. Although the two make up via a phone call, Vincent may choose to embrace Rin for who he truly is, expanding Vincent's understandings of acceptance and love in relation to gender.

Catherine: Full Body[]


Rin accidentally meets Vincent in one of the most embarrassing ways possible.

Rin and Vincent first meet when the two accidentally bump into each other on the street while Rin is apparently fleeing from someone. Afterwards, Vincent helps Rin find an apartment right beside his as the previous tenant just moved out. He also helps Rin get a pianist job at the Stray Sheep, after Rin has a successful job interview with Thomas Mutton. Erica takes Rin to the doctor, but the doctor did not diagonse anything usual.

Rin then talks to Vincent at the bar, asking Vincent about his piano performance. Although Vincent is not very impressed, he encourages Rin to improve, saying that's how people learn. Vincent's friends warn Vincent not to look at Rin like "that", although Vincent tells them off, claiming he's an old man. Everyone hopes that Rin's amnesia will disappear.


Vincent reminds Rin that his piano-playing has saved the lives of many men.

Oddly enough, Rin appears in the nightmares, playing the piano during all the chaos. Rin does not appear as a sheep, making the sheep-men suspicious. His piano has the power to halt the collapsing stage, activated automatically when Vincent is in an emergency. A green light appears as the piano's melody is heard. Rin is bothered because if he knew how to play the piano better, he could save more men, although Vincent tells Rin that if it weren't for his abilities, many more would be dead. Rin also retains his memories of the nightmares.


Rin reveals his full name is something like "Qatherine".

On Day 3, Vincent finds Rin in his room sleeping under his piano. He wakes Rin up and he slams his head on a piano. Rin talks to Vincent about the objects in his room being his treasures. The two have a conversation about how hard societal expectations can be, and how people, especially parents, try to "mold" their children, even if it means going against their child's free will. Vincent tells Rin how his parents threw out his eraser collection which annoyed him at the time. Vincent is happy Rin doesn't try to push values on him and simply accepts Vincent for who he is. Vincent gives Rin a phone and he discovers his true name is Qatherine. Rin tells Vincent that he doesn't know how to write his name, but he remembers that phonetically, it's his full name, so the Q may be wrong. Vincent is disturbed by yet another "-atherine" in his life, and he decides to call him Rin anyway because it's easier.

On Day 4, Rin is bothered by a drunk sexist guy. He asks Rin over to have a seat with him, but he apologizes and says no, as he is practicing. This angers the drunk guy who then rambled about how all women should do what he says (though he is unaware that Rin is a man). Rin stands up to him, saying he doesn't have the right to choose how other people live their lives. Vincent intervenes and tells the guy to cut it out. The guy then passes out and Vincent tells Rin to ignore people like that.


Rin comforting Vincent in his apartment.

On Day 5, when Vincent is visited by a mysterious blue eye (possibly Steve Delhomme), Rin hears Vincent falling over in shock. Vincent invites Rin to his apartment. Rin decides to give Vincent a comforting hug, saying he likes him and will always be by his side. This comforts Vincent, although he becomes uncomfortable after Rin says, "I love you." Vincent ends the hug, saying this is too much. Vincent becomes confused if Rin meant "love" in a friendly way, or in a more serious way.


Rin flees in tears after Vincent slaps his hand.

On Day 6, Vincent arrives home to find Rin lying on the floor of his apartment. He checks to see if Rin is okay. Rin does not realize his towel has unwrapped and stands up naked, shocking Vincent because he sees that Rin is actually a male crossdresser, much to his surprise. Rin explains he was lying on the floor because his shower was leaking steam, causing him to faint. Rin is happy that Vincent has finally found out about his secret, feeling that he can confide in Vincent. While Vincent is still processing his shock, Rin reaches his hand towards Vincent, but his hand is swatted away by him as a kneejerk reaction without thought, and Vincent has a look of surprise and immediate regret. Rin, stunned, says sorry and runs out of the room in tears, leaving both of them with heavy hearts.


Rin on the phone with Vincent.

Vincent enters the Stray Sheep and wonders if Rin is there, but it's just Erica. Erica demands Vincent to call him with a phone and apologize. Vincent does so, saying he was shocked and that he didn't mean to hurt him. Rin instead apologizes for running away, but Vincent still tries to take the blame. Rin tells Vincent that he has liked Vincent since they met, and initially intended to hide these feelings because he believed Vincent wouldn't want to know about them as he was in a relationship, but Rin had a change of heart after getting to know Vincent and thought he might still accept him in spite of his sex. Rin mentions that while their time together was still fun, he doesn't plan on returning to the Stray Sheep, and asks him to just be happy, then hangs up. If the player does not fulfill certain requirements of the following story events, Rin is never seen again for the rest of the game.


Rin violently stabbed to death by Catherine.

If the player decides to do Rin's branch, while Vincent is resting in his room, he hears Rin's piano. Vincent decides to see if Rin has returned. Inside Rin's apartment, Vincent sees Catherine defiling Rin's corpse with a knife, spilling blood all over Rin's piano and toys. Vincent flees to safety in his room, although Katherine tries to murder him too. He defends himself from Catherine and Katherine, but is saved from the real Rin, as the dead one is an illusion, although Rin gets a cut on his leg. Rin follows Vincent in The Cathedral nightmare stage as they flee from monster Catherine, although Rin gets abducted by the creature.

Later, Vincent discovers Rin is still alive and is being held hostage in the nightmares by Mutton. It is revealed that Mutton secretly despises Rin for interfering in the nightmares and sees through Rin's secrets, and never wanted to hire Rin at the Stray Sheep, but only did after persuasion by Erica. After Vincent defeats Mutton, Rin and Vincent reunite (depending on the route, Rin and Vincent may confess their love and kiss, or they may simply enter the door which defeats Mutton).


Rin Letter

Vincent reading Rin's letter.

In the Rin Bad Ending, Rin leaves Vincent a note declaring he has decided it is for the best that he leaves him, but he hopes to return. Rin is seen leaving in a spaceport. As he leaves, a feather drops on the floor, apparently implying Rin is an angel. Vincent hopes to see Rin again one day and wants to better himself, so he takes up learning guitar, although he breaks a string.


Rin and Vincent face his brother.

In the True/Good Ending routes, on Day 9 at the Stray Sheep, they relax and Rin reveals that he belongs to a race which are considered "angels" in Vincent's world. However, they are confronted by an angelic-looking being who Rin reveals is his brother Archangel. Archangel wishes to bring Rin back home with him, which both Rin and Vincent oppose. The brother prepares to destroy humanity, but Rin convinces him to let Vincent try to prove himself first by partaking in a trial, similar to the preceding nightmares. If Vincent wins, humanity won't be destroyed and Rin can stay with Vincent. After Archangel leaves, Rin reveals that "Qatherine" was never his real name, and he simply remembered the name "Catherine" due to being told by his brother to watch out for Catherine the succubus, and so he blurted the first name that came to mind when Vincent asked for a name that day.

During Vincent's climbing of Close Encounter, Rin appears on the landings to encourage Vincent.


Rin with his alien family.

Upon defeat, Archangel takes on the form of a number of small pink aliens. The aliens were responsible for many 'miracles' that happened in human history. Vincent and Rin decide that despite their differences and the fact that Rin's alien family initially wanted to destroy Vincent's world, they should be together.

In the true ending only, several months later, Rin is seen performing at a piano concert in space for a group of aliens and Vincent's friends. Vincent reveals that he is working as Rin's music producer, helping to share his piano playing through space. Rin and Vincent get married in the post credits.


  • "Oh no!" (bumping into Vincent)
  • "I want to share my happiness with you." (trying to give Vincent a present)
  • "Sooo... what kind of people HAVE you known? ...I think they're the odd ones. No one can tell you how to live your life, Vincent."
  • "Vincent... I love you. It's okay. Know that I'll always be there for you."
  • "I... I love you, Vincent. I've known since the day we met. But I guess hearing that from someone like me is... not exactly what you want. I'm sorry, I just thought... maybe you'd be okay with it. I knew you had a girlfriend, so... I wasn't planning on telling you this. But when I saw how kind you were, how you didn't judge people by appearances, I started dreaming about the future. Falling for someone for the first time, I felt my world growing bigger and brighter. It was only a few days but I had so much fun. Being able to play the piano and help you are memories I'll treasure for the rest of my life. You'll make it through without me, Vincent. So please, promise me, that you'll find your own happiness."
  • "Don't worry about me, you have to go! You made me happy! I got to hear your true feelings, it means the world to me! I'm glad I saw you one last time... thank you!" (caught by monster Catherine)
  • "But... you already have a... and I'm a boy.. so..."
  • "The more I told myself not to love you, the more painful it got... so I ran away. I'm sorry."
  • "I feel the same way. Vincent, I want to spend my life with you!"
  • "If you really care about the human race, then I urge you to find another way! I'll help you myself if you're willing to seek it!" (to Boss/Dumuzid)
  • "Yes... Life is full of possibilities."
  • "I refuse, I'm staying here! Vincent and I... we're in love! Please stop it! If you saw the strength of [Vincent]'s will for yourself, even you would understand. Humankind is precious! They're full of potential!" (to Big Brother)

The Trivia for Tonight.....[]


A member of Rin's species.

  • Many people assume that Catherine is set on Earth in North America or Japan, when it is actually set in a space colony. Knowing this, Rin's storyline is about an alien infiltrating a human space colony. It also explains the introduction cutscene in Full Body, in which Rin flees from a giant being and crosses paths with Vincent, but the streets seem deserted and no one else is around. The space colony probably does not have that many people yet, nor much of a fun nightlife.
    • However, it is not directly revealed why Rin’s species wanted to infiltrate the space colony. It is possible their goal was to end the Great Trials, since they told Rin to “watch out for the succubus Catherine” and Rin’s role in the nightmare is to play the piano to help the sheep-men.
  • In the game, a rumor emerges that anyone who listens to Rin's piano music will be granted happiness. The actual power of the piano when described by one of the aliens is "to change people's prejudices and bloom new possibilities". In order to get either the new Katherine ending or the new Catherine ending, Vincent must send either Katherine or Catherine a video of Rin playing piano.
  • Rin's endings are not listed as 'bad, good and true' in the Full Body Venus Art Book but as 'normal, together and true'. This makes some level as sense since even in the 'normal' ending it is implied that Rin and Vincent still end up together which makes Rin the only love interest to have no endings where Vincent ends up alone and single.
  • The mannequin in Rin's room wears a Morgana hat.
  • Rin has a theme song titled "Tomorrow" which is the music he practices so that it can halt the collapsing blocks in the nightmares. It has a more melancholic version called "Sorrow".

Vincent's reaction to Rin naked.

  • Before the game's release, fans debated whether or not Rin was transgender or a cross dresser. One of the first trailers shows Vincent surprised while looking at Rin unclothed. Rin's hair and clothes are also the blue/white/pink color scheme of the Transgender Pride Flag, although this is most likely not intentional considering Rin’s true identity.
    • The possibility of Rin being transgender stirred a lot of controversy.[1] There were many fans concerned about how Rin would be portrayed, especially since the portrayal of Erica, a trans woman, is considered by some to be problematic. Rin's ambiguous status has also resulted in the fan-nickname "Trapthrine." Due to the term "trap" being found by many members and allies of the LGBT+ community to be derogatory, this added more controversy to the issue of Rin's debatable status at the time.
    • Hashino stated that Catherine: Full Body is a complete version of the concept from the previous game, which can be delivered because the sense of values has been diversified since 7 years ago. The existence of Rin is someone who makes it possible for others to find new values represented in the game.[2]
  • After Vincent discovers Rin's secret, Rin begins using "boku", the male gendered version of "I" in the Japanese language.
Audio reversal
  • Rin's real name is revealed to be have a difficult pronunciation in his alien language. Upon learning this, Vincent jokes that he'll stick to using "Rin". The English subtitles simply call it "@+*+?¥$", although it is pronounced "Ydobllufenirethac" which is "Catherine: Full Body" said backwards.
  • Because Rin fell in love with Vincent, he is one of Atlus’s few LGBT+ characters. While he may seem to be gay because of his love for Vincent, since he mentions thinking gender in a partner is not a big deal, he could be seen as bisexual or pansexual.
  • Catherine mentions that Vincent should regret choosing that "thing" (Rin) over herself. It is likely that Catherine knows that Rin is not originally human.
  • Sumire Yoshizawa from Persona 5 Royal can dress as Rin although it is a reused model.



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