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A view of the apartment.

Rin's Apartment is the apartment of Rin and is located beside the apartment of Vincent Brooks.

As Rin is a new tenant, the room is rather makeshift, lacking organization and some proper furniture. It was previously occupied by an unnamed man that recently died in an undisclosed manner.


Rin seems to collect random memorabilia, giving the room a childish vibe due to the colorful toys. Some objects include:

  • Bowling pins and bowling balls
  • A stop sign saying TUNA
  • Rin's white piano with MY ANGEL written on the front
  • Stuffed animals
  • A giant die
  • A plush toy of the blocks that appear in Rapunzel
  • A laundry machine
  • A fire extinguisher
  • Toy capsule machines
  • A mannequin with a hood that resembles Morgana
  • A toy wand that resembles Sailor Chibi Moon's weapon


As with Vincent's apartment, Rin's apartment can be observed as a reflection of his character.

Rin states that he fills his home with things that make him smile. Though it's worth keeping in mind that Rin takes residence in the unit for only a few weeks, he seems to have set aside a great deal of time and effort to collect these items and none to acquiring conventional home comforts. He even goes so far as to prioritize a grand piano over a proper bed, choosing to sleep under the piano with light bedding.

On the surface this only reveals that Rin is a transient with a passion for music and unusual priorities, but the junk-collecting, overcompensating focus on joy, and lack of ability or interest in developing a functional domicile are consistent with a handful of alien tropes.

Unlike Vincent and the other cursed men, Rin retains memories from the nightmares and is fully aware of his music's impact. Having a Sailor Chibi Moon wand among his possessions suggests that he identifies personally with the magical girl's sense of justice and is making a conscious effort to use his ability to protect people.