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Rin Bad Ending is an ending exclusive to Catherine: Full Body.


A few weeks following the defeat of Dumuzid, Rin leaves Vincent a note declaring he has decided it's for the best that he leaves him for a while as she tries to help others and hopes Vincent will wait for him. As a number of photos of the time Rin and Vincent spent together are shown on Vincent's table, it fades to Rin at the Space port getting ready to depart. Vincent remains hopeful to better himself and one day reunite with Rin as he begins practising guitar only to immediately break a string. The images after the credits show Rin performing piano for a number of sheep at a concert then later returning to his apartment and reuniting with Vincent.

Ending Credits Gallery

Catherine Bad  · Good  · True  · Alternate (Full Body only)
Freedom Good  · True
Katherine Bad  · Good  · True  · Alternate (Full Body only)
Rin (Full Body only) Bad  · Good  · True
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