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Rin True Ending Trophy

Rin True Ending is an ending exclusive to Catherine: Full Body.


  1. First, the player must branch the story into the Rin route by "correctly" answering the following Confessional questions: "Would you want your partner to disclose all their secrets?" (A: "Yes"). "Would you be able to accept any secret your lover may have?" (A: "I'd be okay") and "What factors in the most when you make an important decision?" (A: "My heart")
  2. Next, on the sixth day, the player must have Vincent answer the following questions: "Who is Rin to me?" (A: "Someone I need"), "Maybe I want to live that way too. Without bein' pressured by anybody." (A: I don't know yet.") and "But if I really want to be myself, I'm going to need..." (A: "A future with Rin")
  3. The player must "correctly" answer at least six of the seven Confessional questions in "Spiral Corridor" and "The Empireo" (from Stage 7-1 to Stage 9-3) (see here and here).
  4. In the Confession at Stage 9-4, in response to the question "Can you do anything for your love?", the player must answer "Yes".
  5. The player must "correctly" answer all of the questions in the Confessionals of Close Encounter: What are humans truly capable of? (A: Boundless creation), What has driven you to go this far? (A: Love for the one I cherish), What is the true nature of love? (A: An endless possibility).


Upon defeat, Rin's brother takes on the form of a number of small pink aliens. The aliens were responsible for many 'miracles' that happened in human history. Vincent and Rin decide that despite their differences and the fact that Rin's alien family initially wanted to destroy Vincent's world, they should be together.

Several months later, Rin is seen performing at a piano concert in space for a group of aliens and Vincent's friends. Vincent reveals that he is working as Rin's music producer, helping to share his piano playing through space. Rin and Vincent get married in the post credits.

Ending Credits Gallery[]

Catherine Bad  · Good  · True  · Alternate (Full Body only)
Freedom Good  · True
Katherine Bad  · Good  · True  · Alternate (Full Body only)
Rin (Full Body only) Bad  · Good  · True