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Below are the official Secret Achievements and Trophies for the North American version of Catherine. Please note the pictures and text contain spoilers, especially outlining the different Ending. Read on at your own risk.

Secret Achievements[]

Icon Name Description Points Trophy
Achieve38 The Great Escape Conquer Stage 2. 5 Bronze
Achieve39 Let My Sheep Go Conquer Stage 3. 10 Bronze
Achieve35 No One Expects the... Conquer Stage 4. 10 Bronze
Achieve36 Crossing the Courtyard Conquer Stage 5. 15 Bronze
Achieve37 What Time is It? Conquer Stage 6. 15 Bronze
Achieve43 Path to the Altar Conquer Stage 7. 20 Bronze
Achieve44 Making Legends Conquer Stage 8. 20 Bronze
Achieve45 True Freedom! Conquer Stage 9. 30 Silver
Achieve40 Nighty Night View the bad Lover ending. 10 Bronze
Achieve41 Hit the Road, Vincent View the bad Cheater ending. 10 Bronze
Achieve42 Just Like Old Times View the normal Lover ending. 10 Bronze
Achieve34 Sleepless Nights View the normal Cheater ending. 10 Bronze
Achieve31 Starting a New Life View the true Lover ending. 10 Bronze
Achieve32 Lord of the Night View the true Cheater ending. 10 Bronze
Achieve33 Whatever, Buddy View the normal Freedom ending. 10 Bronze
Achieve30 A Life Without Regrets... View the true Freedom ending. 10 Bronze
Achieve46 Taking on the Gods Unlock Axis Mundi by earning all Gold Prizes on Normal or Hard. 30 Silver
Achieve49 A God is Born! Conquer the final stage of Babel. 100 Gold
Achieve50 The Golden Child Earn Gold Prizes on all Hard difficulty stages. 100 Gold
Achieve47 A Mystery Within a Puzzle Uncover the truth behind Rapunzel. 20 Bronze
Achieve48 Legendary Prince Hear Rapunzel's sad song. 50 Silver
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