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Sophie Mallow
A monstrous Sophie chasing Freddie in the nightmare.
Sex Female
Age At least 24
Hair Red
Occupation Vocalist of the band "The Crusaders"

Sophie Mallow is a character in Catherine: The Mysterious Tale of Rapunzel.

Despite her name Sophie, she is not the same Sophie from Morgan Cortez's history.


Sophie was the vocalist of a no-name rock band called "The Crusaders".

She used to date Freddie McGoohan who she met a club. She'd said that the first day they'd slept together had been her birthday, and so he had bought her a pair of cheap earrings on a whim. When Freddie broke up with Sophie, she took off her red butterfly earrings and threw them at Freddie.

Freddie felt Sophie was a mean drunk, told lies like it was nothing and had even dabbled with drugs.

Catherine: The Mysterious Tale of Rapunzel[]

Freddie suspects Sophie may be behind the disappearance of Stella Simmons and Catherine. However, Freddie discovers that Sophie got hit by a truck that ran a red light. It was awful; her whole lower half was torn off, but at least she died instantly.

Later, Sophie manifests as Freddie's "boss" in the nightmares, claiming her death is his fault. The boss is particularly gruesome where her lower half being ripped off entrails.

Freddie is later relieved to hear from Catherine that the illusion of Sophie is nothing more than an illusion. He asks her if Sophie is resting and Catherine says probably. Freddie decides to visit Sophie's grave later.

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