Spiral Corridor
Catherine Spiral Corridor
Stage Level 7
Difficulty Hard
Length Long
Blocks Present White Blocks
Dark Blocks
Spring Blocks
Cracked Blocks
Ice Blocks
Black Hole Blocks
Trap Blocks
New Blocks Introduced Black Hole Blocks
Hazards Falling
Stage collapsing
Being crushed
Cracked Blocks
Ice Blocks

Trap Blocks
Black Hole Blocks
Shadow of Vincent's Tower Head Bash
Crimson Shroud Of Darkness

Landings 4
Confessionals 4
Setting World of Nightmares
Characters Present Vincent Brooks
Shadow of Vincent
Steve Delhomme
Justin Bailey
"I'll see you at the Spiral Corridor tonight. *snicker* I'm looking forward to it..."
— Astaroth to Vincent in the Stray Sheep Bathroom on Day 6

The Spiral Corridor is the 7th stage in Catherine. It takes form of a large tower with an immense spiral staircase in this stage the black hole blocks appears for first time.


"Only those who grab at every chance they get to survive these slopes of death will win! This is an unpredictable, mysterious stage!"
— Colosseum Mode description


The spiral corridor has hard stages sometimes are shorts the boss is the more hardest in the stage.



  • Borodin – Polovtsian Dances
  • Woman's Hand
  • Händel – Messiah "Hallelujah Chorus"

Boss Character



  • You're here!  The Spiral Corridor is our locale tonight.  It is a holy passage to The Cathedral.

Male Narrator

First Floor

  • The road to the Cathedral starts here. 
  • Your mental powers will be truly tested here.  Think hard while you challenge these areas!

Second Floor

  • The following challenge stages will put your true abilities to the test.
  • Try "bringing down the house" if you're facing a wall of holes!


First Floor

  • ...Now what?
  • I can't wait to see what they're cooking up now.

Second Floor

  • F**k... I need to be careful...!

Female Narrator

  • Commencing area two, are you ready?

The Trivia For Tonight.....


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