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The Stray Sheep is one of the main settings of Catherine. It is a bar where Vincent Brooks and his friends spends most of his time during the day.

Thomas Mutton and Erica Anderson (as well as Rin in Catherine: Full Body) work here.


Straysheep day2


An arcade machine where Vincent can play Rapunzel, a mini-game based on the Nightmare puzzle gameplay. There are 128 levels.


A jukebox where the background music of the bar can be changed. New background music is unlocked with every achievement/trophy unlocked.


Vincent can wash his face at the sink in here each night, and get a vision alluding to the next night's boss when doing so for the first time. While inside the toilet stall, he can also view provocative pictures sent via Catherine's texts for as long as he likes. In Full Body, the toilet stall is also used to allow Vincent to wear and remove the horn-rimmed glasses and change Catherine's Japanese voice in the story.


Sitting at the bar will allow Vincent to watch the TV and see a news report of any recent deaths.

Bar counter[]

Several regulars sit at the bar with Mutton always standing behind the counter: Daniel, Todd, Erica, Justin Bailey, Anna, and Archie. Refer to their character pages to see their exact schedules.

Booth seats[]


Booth Seats.

Several regular sit in booth seats: Orlando Haddick, Tobias Nebbins and Jonathan Ariga sit in the middle booth with Vincent. Archie Wallace and Morgan Cortez can be found in the left-most booth, and Lindsay/Martha and Daniel Kirsch show up on the right-most. Refer to their character pages to see their exact schedules. Drinking either here or at the bar counter will speed up Vincent during that night's Nightmare stage.


Used only as a way to get an insight into Vincent's current thoughts about money as the story goes on.


Exiting the bar will progress the story. The player can always have Vincent leave the bar at anytime.


As time passes, customers come and go, text messages may arrive, and people can have different things to say. Time management is incredibly important. A full schedule can be found on each of the specific Day articles.

The following actions that will never cause time to pass:

  • Playing the Jukebox.
  • Playing Rapunzel.
  • Watching the TV.
  • Washing Vincent's face.
  • Conversing with Erica.
  • Conversing with Rin in Full Body.
  • Drinking, both at the bar or at the table.

Talking with Vincent's friends (Orlando, Jonny, Toby) does takes time, but it takes 2-4 conversations to move time ahead rather than a single conversation, as with most other patrons.

Once the bar closes for the night (where Vincent will check his phone and comment that it's late), time stands still and the player is able to do any activity without taking up time.

The Trivia for Tonight.....[]

  • According to the wine bottle at the start of Catherine: Full Body, the Stray Sheep is located at 29 Agnus Dei St., Neo-Brooklyn, Area 15.
1083013-gekkoukan high school badge by the real killha super

The Gekkoukan High poster that's at the back of the Stray Sheep bar.

  • There are some references in the bar to the Persona series such as:
  • A rather interesting easter egg featured in the game, the Stray Sheep Glitch is a secret error contained within the game although the glitch itself is relatively benign, and does not cause any serious issues with the game. While he is still in the Stray Sheep, if Vincent is sitting at the bar counter when his friends leave for the night, he will take a sip from his drink and reminisce about his life. If the sip he takes doesn't finish off the glass, Vincent can walk over to his booth seat and sip from his drink continuously without having to refill.