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Tapinoma sessile, Latin for a specie of ant.

The ant is prevalent all throughout the game, sometimes simply moving about the scenery, sometimes as an enemy that will simply not get out of the way.

There are only two times the existence of the ants are acknowledged in the game. The most direct is Day 5, where Lindsay and Martha Uspenski mention ants are the "messengers of witches" and "come out of the mouths of the men who wasted away to death."

It also happens in Day 3 when Vincent is lost in his own thoughts at Chrono Rabbit. As the background chatter from other patrons overwhelms Katherine's speech, one of the men states: "Whoa, there's ants all over this cake!", to which his date responds "No way! The ants were here last time, too." He then calls for a waiter.



Ant Invasion

Catherine and the ants.

  • The ants first appears on a table at the Chrono Rabbit where Vincent and Katherine have lunch. It becomes visible from under the table and crawls along the edge, directly after Katherine voices that she "usually does the killing in her dreams."
  • Ants are also an enemy on the Nightmare Stages.
  • The morning where Katherine interrupts Vincent and Catherine in bed, an ant ominously crawls across the carpet towards the door right before Katherine arrives.
  • Ants also appears after Katherine leaves the cake at Vincent's apartment, in the middle of the floor, only to have Vincent forget about it. What seems like near a thousand of the ant’s friends infest the apartment while Catherine and Vincent are sleeping and horde near her foot after they both awaken.
  • In the Katherine Good Ending, after they leave Vincent's apartment, an ant can be seen crawling out from the window.


  • The ant is in almost every non-playable scene that Katherine and Vincent are in together.
  • Ants in the subject of dream interpretation, generally mean that there is pressure to conform in your social life, career, personal life, or that you are dissatisfied with your current situation.
  • Despite Catherine actually being a demon, she seems to fear ants or is at least incredibly frustrated with them.

Unused Dialogue[]

  • In various sound files, there are some mentions of ants that aren't actually included in the game itself. Therefore, none of it should be considered canon; this is just for trivia's sake.
  • Jonny mentions at the bar that his place was invaded by ants, and he can't get rid of them. He mentions he can't sleep at all because he knows they're there.
  • Erica mentions at the bar that she saw another black ant recently, and she wonders where they're coming from.