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The Child 2

"The Child" pursues Vincent.

"Don't leave me, daddy!"

The Child is the boss of the fourth stage, Inquisition, and is the third boss of the game.


It takes the form of an undead baby with a pacifier in its mouth.


Vincent enters the door, unaware of what awaits him. Answered by gibberish and a shriek of "Daddy!" piercing Vincent's ears, an undead baby emerges from below, alarming Vincent to flee away. At the end, Vincent reaches the exit door although The Child also reaches just as Vincent opens the door. As with the previous bosses, the light emanating from the door successfully repels The Child from reaching Vincent, causing it to fall into the abyss below.


See: Inquisition 4-2

Boss guide[]

The Child has two attacks. When Vincent is close by and is standing on the blocks highlighted in red, it will try to slap him. If Vincent does not reach higher ground, this attack will kill him instantly; otherwise it will knock him down and stun him briefly.

When Vincent is higher up, the camera zooms out as the Child briefly charges up before delivering a powerful strike at the tower, sending a shockwave up one column of blocks usually on or near Vincet's current location. If Vincent is standing or hanging on one of these blocks he will be knocked off, potentially to his death. Just before the attack is launched, the column of blocks that is about to be affected will start wobbling. This is another subtle visual indicator of the attack so the player should have a clear escape route left or right. In Catherine: Full Body, this attack is not used in Safety and Easy modes.


The baby itself represents Vincent's fear of having a child, which is raised when Katherine tells him the day before that she might be pregnant. The undead appearance is a design choice to make the the Child appear more menacing and creepy: to Vincent, this Child exists to destroy his freedom and life, chaining him to something he isn't ready for yet.



  • "Dah...Daaaaaadddyyyy! Daddy."


  • (googley sounds)
  • "Wah!"
  • "Bah bah bah bah bah bah bah bah bah!"
  • "Dah dah DAH!"
  • "Daaaaaaaaaddddddddddyyyyyy!"
  • "Daddy! Where are you?!"
  • (giggling laughter)
  • "Don't leave me! Da-daddy!"
  • "Wait for me!"
  • "Daddy! Carry me!"
  • "Why are you wunning away!?"
  • "Look at me!"
  • "Do you want what you're doing?"


  • "Daaaaadddddyyyyy! Daddy... Daahh...Daaaaddddyyy!"


  • Before being repelled at the end, the Child's eyes glow bright red.
  • The Child gets repelled by the light, returning to the darkness and manifests into something else, which is Child with a Chainsaw at 6-4.
  • The Child's survival is evidenced where it can be seen falling instead of being obliterated like the other monsters implying that it survived by falling away before the light could kill it.



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