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The Empireo is the ninth and final stage in the Golden Playhouse mode in Catherine and its remake, Catherine: Full Body.


"Only those who can keep their eyes focused on the light above will make it through this area. This stage is illuminated by the light seen only by those in their final moments!"
— Colosseum Mode description

Not every person subjected to the Great Trials needs to scale the Empireo, but Vincent accepts the challenge in order to obtain a final showdown and obtain true freedom - which would take him further than any of his peers. Even if you save the other bar patrons, Vincent faces the Empireo alone.

This is also the first time we learn the Mysterious Voice's true identity, as Astaroth, the avatar of Ishtar and the true mastermind behind the events of the entire story!


If the initial stages are associated with Hell, death, and judgment, then the Empireo - the ultimate stage outside of Babel - represents Heaven. Pillars around are often golden and the sun is visible, but the block towers - which now include Mystery and Monster Blocks - are tougher than ever.


Area 9-1[]

(The camera pans downward from the top of the tower; The player is given a bird's-eye-view of the first part of the stage as the camera pans down to focus on Vincent standing at the very bottom of the level looking back and forth presumably for Boss.)

9-1 Landing[]

(The camera briefly zooms out from the bell tower on the landing and fades to Vincent climbing up onto the stairs as Thomas Mutton begins talking to him.)

Area 9-2[]


Thomas Mutton (Dumuzid)



First Sphere[]

  • Vincent: Hey, Mutton! If you're behind this, then you can hear me, right? Say something!
  • Vincent: ......!

Thomas Mutton/Dumuzid[]

First Sphere[]

  • Thomas Mutton/Dumuzid: Ha ha ha!  Of course I can hear you.  I can see you... and your underpants.
  • Thomas Mutton/Dumuzid: Welcome to my realm.  It's admirable that a mere human could come this far.  Ah... It would be a bore to kill you immediately when I was the one to bring you here.  Now... Show me those skilss that helped you survive this week.  Now... Come to Daddy!

9-1 Landing[]

  • Thomas Mutton/Dumuzid:  Heh... Not bad.  But this is just the beginning... It'd be boring for you to die here, wouldn't it?


The Trivia For Tonight.....[]

  • Upon completion of the stage, the player will unlock the Achievement/Trophy, "True Freedom!."
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