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Mutton 1

Thomas Mutton before his fight with Vincent.

Thomas Mutton is the boss of Stage 9-5 of The Empireo.


Thomas Mutton appears much like his form in the real world, sitting in a red plush recliner held up by a director's chair crane. At the front of both armrests are two live sheep's heads, bleating helplessly. Mutton's sunglasses are off, revealing his red eyes, and he holds a revolver in one hand and a judge's gavel in the other.


While scaling The Empireo, Vincent stands defiant and reminds Mutton of his deal despite Mutton's taunts and threats. At the end, Vincent successfully climbs the stage despite of Mutton's attacks which infuriates Mutton.


See: The Empireo 9-5 and The Empireo 9-6

Boss guide[]

Mutton has three attacks. The first is when he moves his chair to the front of the tower then slowly aims his revolver across the blocks, eventually locking on to Vincent's position. After a short moment, he will then fire, potentially destroying a vital block in the process. The player can tell which block Mutton intends to fire at if a block glows red. If Vincent is struck by the bullet, he dies instantly. He will use this attack two or three times in succession. While Mutton is aiming with revolver, the player should try to bait the attack such that he does not destroy an important block required to scale up the tower; ie. standing in front of an empty space or an unimportant block until he locks on, and then move out of the way. Alternatively, the player can undo after he destroys a block to return it.

The second attack is not as easy to dodge. Mutton quickly moves to the front of the stage (usually near Vincent's position) and boot-stomps the front of the tower. If Vincent is hanging or standing on a block close to the impact area of Mutton's stomp, he may die instantly. Otherwise, the impact of the stomp knocks him over (if he is standing on a block), immobilized briefly. In Catherine: Full Body, this attack is not used in Safety and Easy modes.

Mutton's final attack is when he strikes his gavel down and turns all blocks (except White Blocks and activated Bomb Blocks) in the stage into some other type of special block, depending on the progress. In Safety mode of Full Body, all of the special blocks turn into normal White Blocks instead.



  • "After all, tonight you'll be dining on my "Mutton Special."


  • "And we change here."
  • "Come, need to run."
  • "You don't have any time."
  • "Head goes BOOM!"
  • "Boy, stop moving!"
  • (angry yell)
  • "Die, you!"
  • "Hahaha...let's see here."
  • "How should I cook you?"
  • "Bwahahahahaha!"
  • (laughter)
  • " won't die, will you?!"


  • "Grrr...this can't be...! Curse you, insect...!"

The Trivia For Tonight.....[]




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