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"Tonight's area is the Torture Chamber, where traitors are put to rest."
— Astaroth as the third Nightmare begins and the sheep travel to the area

The Torture Chamber is the third stage of the Golden Playhouse (and Colosseum) in Catherine. The stage takes place in a dark, sinister area where those who have betrayed their significant others in life are put to a gruesome and morbid rest.


"Only those who can ignore the pleas of those who could not escape their executions will find victory here"
— Colosseum Mode description
"Tonight you'll visit the Torture Chamber. Don't forget your boxers. *snicker*"
— Cryptic Voice in Stray Sheep bathroom


On the outside, the spiked towers of the Torture Chamber make it look like a modernized sinister castle. Each floor appears as a massive crimson red void where titanic beams and towers with fearsome blood-stained steel blades surround and loom over the area, and some sheep are already hanging from racks and other torture devices. Those elements, coupled with its association with punishment, make the Torture Chamber quite possibly the closest interpretation the game has to Hell or the Underworld.

The Trap Blocks make their very first appearance on the stage and add to the sinister atmosphere - even more so because you will see other sheep set them off, exploding into bloody messes.


Final Floor: The screen views Vincent walking out of the door, hearing pleasurable moaning by the Immoral Beast. Vincent gets scared and says, "Uwaaah!" The moaning continues and Vincent says, "C'mon. What is it this time?" The Immoral Beast then suddenly pops out with its tongue swishing, then Vincent says, "S-seriously! Gimme a break! Ugh!" The fight starts.


  • Beethoven – Symphony № 5 in C Minor "Fate" 3rd Movement
  • Chopin – "Revolutionary Etude"
  • Händel – Messiah "Hallelujah Chorus"

Boss Character[]



  • Before First Floor (as torture devices, including bloody blades, are shown, along with sheep in torture devices): "Oh, dammit...again? How long is this going to go on? It's been every night now!"
  • Before Second Floor: "Dammit, those traps again."
  • Before Final Floor (confronted by the Immoral Beast):
    • (Upon getting scared and hearing moaning) "Uwaaah!...C'mon. What is it this time?"
    • (When the boss appears) "S-seriously! Gimme a break! Ugh!"

Male Narrator[]

  • Before First Floor: "The main course of the deadly climb begins here.  Trap Blocks activate when you step on them.  Don't stop on top of them!"
  • Before Second Floor: "Some Dark Blocks can be moved, while others cannot.  Look at the various blocks in your way when determining your path!"
  • Before Final Floor: "This is the final area for tonight. Use the terrain to your advantage and avoid attacks!"

The Trivia for Tonight.....[]

  • The music is Symphony No. 5 in C Minor "Fate" 3rd Movement by Beethoven.
  • By defeating the Immoral Beast, the player will unlock the achievement/trophy, Let My Sheep Go.
  • The Torture Chamber has by far the most sinister appearance of all the nine stages in the Golden Playhouse and is also the goriest of the stages as well with its bloody spinning blades, sheep strapped into torture devices, and the overall morbid atmosphere.
  • When playing this stage in Colosseum Mode, Energy Drinks will appear more frequently than in other stages. However, jumping two floors onto Trap Blocks is dangerous, meaning there are fewer safe opportunities to use them.
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