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Sex Female
Age Unknown
Hair Red
Eyes Dark blue
Occupation Presenter, goddess of fertility
JPN VA Junko Minagawa
ENG VA Erin Fitzgerald
"When the night sky fills with glamour, a lovely story awaits you!"

Trisha, known in the Japanese version of the game as Rue Ishida (Ishida Ruu, 石田☆ルウ), also known as Ishtar, the Midnight Venus and Astaroth, is the hostess of the Golden Playhouse who presents Vincent Brooks' story to the players where his Nightmares first began.

She plays several roles throughout the game, with most notably that of Trisha (an anagram of her name), the hostess of the Golden Playhouse, and even Astaroth, the unseen god (her avatar), behind the mysterious deaths. She explains upon the player's unlocking of the Axis Mundi Babel stage that in reality, the entire purpose for the game and story was simply to find another consort for herself, which ends up being the 'player.' She seeks a replacement for her current consort, Dumuzid, because of his incessant cheating (Ironically, she was said to have taken many lovers, who commonly ended up dead or worse when the goddess grew tired of them). Successfully completing Axis Mundi produces a cutscene where she breaks the fourth wall.

Just as in the game, Sumerian mythology has Dumuzid the Shepherd (Tammuz) as Ishtar's consort and 'husband.' He has much of the same personality, and it is his lack of respect to her that condemns him to the Underworld.


Ishtar is a very beautiful pale-skinned young woman with red hair that is styled into an afro, dark blue eyes, a mole under her left eye, red lips and red fingernails. She wears a black business-like suit consisting of a blazer that almost exposes her bare chest with golden lace trims and a single button, a matching skirt, black tights and black heels. Accessories include two gold necklaces, the second one having an ankh design.

In Catherine: Full Body, she dons an entirely new look with a shiny silver blazer romper/playsuit and matching boots, containing gold accents. In addition, her hair is styled into two afro buns with a single hair strand hanging in the middle.

Trisha Hair Down

Trisha with her hair down as she visits the player after completing Axis Mundi

After completing Axis Mundi, Ishtar now has her hair down (which shows that it is waist-length) with her bangs hanging on the left side and a single longer hair strand hanging in the middle.


In the game of Rapunzel, the entire Extra Mode story tells the myth of Ishtar's Descent into the Underworld. In the real-life Sumerian myth, Ishtar journeys to the Underworld after the murder of one her sister's husbands, passing through seven gates to arrive, sacrificing an accessory or piece of clothing at each one. These clothes that she wore contained all of her powers, so by the time she reaches the Queen of the Underworld (her sister Ereshkigal), she is completely powerless and naked.

The Queen of the Underworld inflicts her with disease and hangs her to die on a hook (in Rapunzel, she is hung by her hair); in her absence, all sexual activity ceases, leading to a slow, steady dying off of all things. After time has passed, her minister seeks aid from the gods to save Ishtar, who create two asexual beings to get the Water of Life from the Queen of the Underworld and resurrect her (in Rapunzel, her group of ministers sends a young male rogue to seduce the Queen in order to get the Water of Life).

The plan is a success and Ishtar is released, accompanied by demons to fulfill the pact she made with the Queen: another must take her place if she is to leave the Underworld. She comes across friends who are mourning her, and cannot condemn them. She eventually happens upon Dumuzid (Ishtar's husband) who isn't mourning at all, but appears quite happy. In anger, she orders the demons to drag him to the Underworld, though his sister Geshtinanna agrees to take Dumizid's place for half of each year, (In Rapunzel, Dumuzid is openly committing adultery, causing him to lose his title as Ishtar's consort).



Trisha presents Babel

Trisha presents Babel.

Trisha is the presenter for the Golden Playhouse, framing it by introducing and closing it out. At the end, she has a short monologue of the morals of the game (in the style of The Twilight Zone which the Golden Playhouse is based on), and comments about the ending, giving a glimpse into the future for all non-Bad endings. She also presents the Babel and Colosseum game modes.


Catherine - Super Secret 9th Ending ????

Trisha reveals the truth.

Upon selecting Axis Mundi, Trisha explains in a cutscene about her true identity: "Trisha" is an anagram for Ishtar as it was her true name, the Babylonian goddess of fertility and love. She also reveals that she had a more active role in the story because Astaroth, the Mysterious Voice in the Confessionals, was one of her avatars. She dismisses all of the explanations Astaroth and Dumuzid gave for the Nightmares and states the only reason for it all was because she wants a new consort, as she grew tired of Dumuzid's cheating ways. She issues Axis Mundi as the player's last challenge to be worthy of her.

After completing Axis Mundi, Ishtar is seen walking down the hallways and being glad to let her afro hair down after the player's wins for her heart when she is at the doorway, the unseen player opens up for Ishtar as she seductively comforted them about the Golden Playhouse and how they handled the realm at the Axis Mundi at which she seems to flirted with the unseen player as they are dying to meet Ishtar. She was also excited to accept the player as her consort.


  • "When this sanctuary is bathed in Ishtar's love, I'll see you again, in a place far removed from here."
  • "We have a special guest who will be joining us tonight. Are you ready for this? He's actually a phantom thief! He's in the business of stealing not only valuables, but even people's hearts! Oh, he sounds like somethin' special!" (introducing Joker in Babel)

The Trivia For Tonight...[]

  • Ishtar has been featured in Atlus' titles before, mainly as a recurring demon in various Megami Tensei games. In Persona 4 and Persona 5, she is the ultimate Lovers Arcana persona (related to both her status as a goddess of love and fertility and the retelling of the Lovers Arcana tale featuring Katherine, Catherine and Vincent.)
  • Sae Niijima from Persona 5/Royal wears a blazer to Trisha's original outfit, but less revealing, and having similar lace designs, but silver.
    • Similarly, Makoto Niijima, (a main character from Persona 5, and Sae's younger sister), shares the same hairstyle as Erica, but dark brown.




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