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The Underground Cemetery is the very first level of Catherine and takes place, as the name suggests, in a subterranean graveyard where those who have wronged their significant others fight to keep from being buried alive - if they aren't dead already.

This is the level that appears immediately after the first cutscene in the game. Vincent Brooks appears to be in his underwear clutching onto his pillow and now has sheep horns on his head and enters an odd dream that feels like reality. Before he can figure out what's going on, the door shuts behind him and won't open again - and as if that wasn't enough, he sees several layers of blocks fall below just before the door vanishes into thin air with a puff of smoke, trapping him inside the first Nightmare.


"Only those who keep their heads amidst the screams of the dying among them will come out on top."
— Colosseum Mode description

The Underground Cemetery is basically a tutorial for Catherine, teaching the player the most basic fundamentals of the game, such as climbing, pushing, pulling, and the edge rules. This stage is also playable in the demo.


The Underground Cemetery appears to be set in a large and dimly lit cave - with roots emerging from the walls and what appears to be blood running from them in places.


See Walkthrough:Underground Cemetery.


  • Immediately after the stage begins:
    • Vincent: Help me! Is anyone out there?
    • Steve (above, off camera): Hurry up and climb!
    • Vincent: Who are you? Where is this place?
    • Steve: Save your breath and start climbing! If you fall, you're dead!
    • Vincent: I'll die?! Are you f***in' serious?

The Trivia For Tonight...[]

  • The music is Planets Suite "Mars", "Jupiter" by Gustav Holst.
  • A concept is introduced at this early stage - each time a new sheep is introduced, he might appear somewhere else in game, requiring players to pay close attention to their voices.
  • Vincent claims that he wet his bed, but it doesn't show any spots on his boxers or his bed.
  • This is the only stage without a boss fight, although the Fist of Grudge makes an appearance just before Vincent gets away at the top.
  • Clearing this initial level awards the The Nightmares Have Just Begun achievement.


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